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Russia's Most Effective Fifth Column in America
by Carl McIntire

These messages were presented 10.15 to 10.30 p.m. over Station WLAC, 50,000 watts, Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by the Bible Presbyterian Church of Nashville, the Rev. Fred Stroud, pastor, in connection 'with the eleventh General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church which was meeting in the Nashville church at that time - May 13, 14, 15, 17, and 18.

The Rev. Carl McIntire was in attendance upon the Synod as a delegate from the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, New Jersey, of which fie is pastor.

Mr. McIntire was one of the founders of the Bible Presbyterian Church. He Is editor of the Christian Beacon, a weekly religious newspaper. He served as first president of the American Council of Christian Churches, 1941-1943. He is president of the Board of Directors of Faith Theological Seminary, Wilmington, Delaware; a member of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, of the Board of Directors of the National Bible Institute, New York City, of Harvey Cedars Bible Presbyterian Conference and a number of other agencies.

Mr. McIntire is also the author of the books: "The Rise of the Tyrant," "Twentieth Century Reformation," "Author of Liberty;' "For Such a Time As This," and "A Cloud of Witnesses."

"Best Sermons," 1947-19A published by Harper and Brothers, selected one of Mr. McIntire's sermons, "Christ and Him Crucified," as among the fifty-two best sermons for the year throughout the world.

The church of which he is pastor has a membership of more than 1600, and has been broadcasting one of its church services for the past fourteen years.

Five of these messages were also delivered over Station XERF, a Mexican station, on a program sponsored by Dr. Harvey H. Springer, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Englewood, Colorado.

The radio talks presented here are just as they were delivered over the Nashville station.

Destroying America's Free Economy

Good evening, everybody.

I begin tonight a series of six talks on, "Russia's Most Effective Fifth Column in America." My subject is, "Destroying America's Free Economy"; tomorrow night, "The Infiltration of Communist Ideas into the Federal Council of Churches and Sunday School Literature"; Saturday, "Substituting Karl Marx for Jesus Christ"; Sunday night, "The Drive for World Socialism through the World Council of Churches"; Monday night, "Witch Hunting and the Origin of the So-called Civil Rights Program." My last talk, Tuesday night, I shall call, "A Personal Testimony.

I have said that a man who will not use his liberty to maintain his liberty is not worthy of liberty. A concerted, well co-ordinated drive - as I shall show you in these talks - is on to turn America from her free economy to a controlled socialistic order, and the most effective leadership for this drive is being furnished inside of the churches, particularly in the leadership of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.

I speak as a minister of the Gospel and pastor of a church. It is my duty as a servant- of God to deal with these issues and to warn our people.

The Bible is our charter of liberty; it has given us all that we have, The Bible is God's Word. In. it we are told of God, of man, of sin, and of what sin has done to him cursed him and brought him death. The only way of eternal salvation is offered through God's Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross shedding His precious blood for our sins, that we might be redeemed. This Gospel makes new creatures. Men are born again when they accept Christ. This Bible gives us the Ten Commandments as God's law for the guidance of our lives and relationships with one another. It is these Ten Commandments that demand a free order in which to serve God. A man has a right to own property. "Thou shalt not steal," says the Eighth Commandment. Man has a right to use that property as his own, doing so to make a profit. The profit motive is not a sin! It is in the exercise of this profit system that America has become great and powerful. We have called it free enterprise. Man has been free to go out and buy a farm or start, a business. It is this freedom which is now being attacked. There is to be substituted for it a socially planned and so-called democratically controlled economy socialism. Of course, it is not called socialism, for that word is unpopular. It is offered to us in the name of "economic democracy," or "a more Christian economic order," or "social justice," or "economic brotherhood," or "the social gospel."'

Before I go further, however, let me set before you the picture as we face it in America in our Protestant circles. In 19o8 there was organized the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America to be a voice for Protestantism. Today twenty-five of the larger denominations in the United States are members of it and it has a membership Of 27,749,967. In 1941 there was organized the American Council of Christian Churches. This new Council - and there are now only two national church councils in the United States - was organized by groups which had broken away from the denominational bodies in the Federal Council: Our Bible Presbyterian denomination broke away in 1938 from the Northern Presbyterian Church, and it is one of the fifteen denominational bodies which now make up the American Council of Christian Churches. There are in the American Council more than six thousand individual congregations. Also, out of the Northern -Baptist Convention has come the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. Out of The Methodist Church have come the, Evangelical Methodists, the Bible Protestants, and the Methodist Protestants who refused to go into the Methodist union. Out of the Congregational and others have come the independent churches - and so on.

There were three main reasons for the split. These groups had the same three reasons. They are: First, what is called modernism - departure from the clear, plain teachings of the Bible concerning the fundamentals of the faith; that is, that the Bible is God's holy and infallible Word, that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, that He shed His blood for our sins, -and that God raised Him from the dead. Second, socialism, or a near-communism, as I have called it, the advocating of a new social order which is off offered as the kingdom of God on earth. It is with this particular matter that I am dealing in these broadcasts. Third, a radical pacifism., The Federal Council has been a spokesman for or a radical pacifism which has done our national defense great injury.

Thus we have the picture, and the lines are being drawn. On one side there is the Federal Council of Churches, which is endeavoring to lead us one way; on the other side there is the American Council of Christian Churches, which is endeavoring to stand firm by the historic position of the church, by the old-time religion.

Nothing would help the cause of Russia more right now than for America to cast off her free economy, and to start the walk down the socialistic highway. The confusion, the conflict, and the destruction of individual initiative and responsibility, the assuming by the State of the responsibility for the economic welfare of all its people would so weaken the United States that Russia would have 9 freer hand to press her international expansion.

Let me now give you some quotations from the Federal Council's official statement calling for the changing of our free economy. In March, 1942, there was held a conference, sponsored by the Federal Council, in Delaware, Ohio, known as the Delaware Conference. It declared, "We believe that a new ordering of economic life is both imminent ,and imperative, and that it will come either through voluntary co-operation within the framework of democracy or through explosive re-Mlution." Here is what is called "revolution by consent" -by the use of democratic processes, but it destroys our free economy.

The Federal Council has a Social Creed which reads: "The churches should stand for social planning and control of the credit and monetary systems and the economic processes for the common good." Remember, there are many economic processes.. OPA could not even control butter. To control all the economic processes would make the OPA look like a house of toothpicks and a ladies aid society serving pink tea. It is not for me to tell you how revolutionary these demands are. One of the Federal Council's own secretaries, Dr. B. Y. Landis, wrote a book, "Religion and the Good Society," and concerning this very Creed he said: "The ideals that declared for an extension of democracy to industry and economic life generally were a bold challenge to the prevailing- individualism of American life. Consequently, these ideals have been unpopular with the large majority of the econornic leaders of the nation."

The constitution of the Soviet Union, Article II Chapter 1, says: "The economic life of the U.S.S.R. is determined and directed by the state national economic plan with the aim of increasing the public wealth, of steadily ,improving the material conditions of the working people and raising their cultural level, of consolidating the independence of the U.S.S.R." The same national economic plan, the control of the economic life, which will also give these same so-called improved conditions, the Federal Council of Churches claims would be brought to pass if we turn aside from our free economy to the new order. But it is impossible - and this is what God's people must see to clamp down upon a nation an economic plan and leave the people free. A man must be compelled to fit into that plan and co-operate in harmony with that plan, or the plan will fail, and with the plan, free economy and America's freedom of opportunity go, government planners and bureaucrats increase by the thousands, there come down upon us orders and restrictions, and the corruption of the government multiplies. This is not democracy, but the tyranny of the majority who order such restraints! When the plan begins to fail, greater restraints must be put, upon the people to make it succeed -and our freedom is gone! You cannot walk down this socialistic road without calling in question freedom of the press and the radio and our other freedoms.

The larger denominations which make up the Federal Council, have adopted this Social Creed and its principles and are presenting the same ideas to the people through the churches. The Methodist Church in its General Conference it! 1944 declared: "We endorse the stand taken by the Delaware Conference (Federal Council of Churches): 'We believe that a new ordering of economic life is both imminent and imperative."'

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. in 1942 said: "We are witnessing the death of one age and the birth of another and must be prepared for far-reaching changes in the conventional framework of, our lives.... The Church is challenged to accept the inevitability of this change and to direct this reappraisal to the end that there may be established a new brotherhood, more closely approximating the Kingdom of God. Within our own nation this social transformation is being made by, persuasion and under law." Again the Presbyterian Church declared: - "That competition as the major control ling principle of our economic life be re-examined, and an attempt made to secure rational planning in our economic life." That is socialism. The Northern Baptist Convention in a pamphlet entitled, "Postwar Aims," declares, Section 8, "To Apply the Laws of God to Economic Life": "Proclaim with courage and conviction the basic and urgent necessity of attaining the yet unrealized goals of economic and political democracy racy in our national and international life." Economic democracy is what Russia claims that she has. It is the dictatorship of the proletariat.

This is serious, very serious, Christian people.' How can the church advocate such ideas? The answer is, Because it has gotten away from the Bible's message. I shall give you some evidence concerning this in my later broadcasts.

Christian men and women who love our free economy are actually paying the bill for this kind of propaganda in the name of the Christian church. Instead of telling us that the foundations of our economic order should be changed, the church ought to be holding up before us God's eternal law, the Ten Commandments, preaching the judgments of God, and pleading for the preservation of our freedom, that men may be free to serve God.

Tomorrow night I shall go a step further and discuss, with some concrete evidence, the infiltration of communistic ideas into the Federal Council of Churches and Sunday school literature.

Thank you for listening. Good night.

The Infiltration of Communist Ideas into the Federal Council and Sunday School Literature

Good evening, everybody.

Last night I told you of the drive to destroy our free economy and free enterprise system which is being carried on in the name of the church, particularly the Federal Council of Churches. The general over-all theme of these talks is, "Russia's Most Effective Fifth Column in America." Tonight I want to get (]own to the very heart of the issue and talk on "The Infiltration of Communist Ideas into the Federal Council of Churches and Sunday School Literature." If, you who are listening to me are in the Federal Council of Churches, you need to know these things. Many of you are not in it, you also need to know what is going on, for the future of our country.

We prize individual liberty in this land above every other gift that God has given us in our free society. Let me say that you cannot compromise liberty and keep it. Freedom is one of those delicate, perishable things which can be destroyed so easily. Eternal vigilance is its price. You cannot compromise the truth and keep it, you cannot compromise purity and preserve it; you cannot compromise freedom and enjoy it.

Last night I read to you from the Social Creed of the Federal Council of Churches, which calls for a planned and controlled economy, the control of all the economic processes for the so-called common good. I read you, too, from the Soviet constitution where the same idea is presented as the economic life of the Soviet Union. Now I have not called the Federal Council and its leaders communistic. They would deny it, and in recent weeks they have been denying it, because the pressure against them is very great. We do not accuse them of being atheistic, which is a part of the communistic order, but we do accuse them of advocating the communist ideas as they relate to the basic economic life of a nation. Now I am going to call some names, and read some facts.

The Federal Council's most popular evangelist, and a man beloved by many, is Dr. E. Stanley Jones. Dr. Jones refused to be a Methodist bishop in order that he might continue to be a *missionary. The tragedy is - and I say it with a heart full of real sorrow - that Dr. Jones in his writings is advocating "the kingdom of God" as a social order and the communist idea foe the economic ordering of that society. In his recent book , "The Christ of the American Road," page i2q, he says: "The Kingdom of God is a divine society. It is' a social order." Here is where the twist and mistake are made. The kingdom of God is not a social order! What did Jesus Christ say about the kingdom of God and how a man got into it? Christ said. "Except a man be born, again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." On another occasion He said, "My kingdom' is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight." The kingdom of God is a spiritual order, made up of the redeemed of God of every age and of every land. As Christians we are the salt of the earth, and it is because of the Christian salt that this world i's as free as it is tonight! Let me read Dr. Jones' estimate of communism in his book, "The Choice Before Us," and then read-his description of the kingdom of God on page 14: "Communism, on theother hand, is an attempt at unity on a larger scale - universal, in fact act. It is attempting to, bring unity into life by the recognition of what is to it a universal principle - the economic interpretation of history, basing life upon the- economic, with a more just and equitable distribution of goods through the putting of the means of production into the hands of society for the benefit of all who labor. This is to be done through a class war which will in the end bring all classes to 'one class, namely, the class of the workers, and hence a brotherhood of all who contribute through labor. This brotherhood runs across all national boundaries and unifies all life on this basis. It has one enemy, namely, the noncontributor." He is talking about me there. Then he adds, "The exploiter; and when he is eliminated, then the whole system is essentially pacifist and brothers." The kingdom of God: "The fruits of the Kingdom in a material life would be a fundamental justice to every man apart from class and race and birth; a holding of the means of production by all in behalf of all; a brotherhood that 'would make life a family instead of a feud." Dr. Jones actually uses almost the same words to describe his economic philosophy as those used in describing Communism. War is no more, and men are comrades in this same book on page 30 he describes.

Listen now to Article 4, Chapter 1, of the Russian constitution: "The socialist system of economy and the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production firmly established as a result of the abolition of the capitalist system of economy, the abrogation of private ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, constitute the economic foundation of the U.S.S.R." Dr. Jones advocates for the economic foundation for his kingdom of God almost word for word what Russia has in, her constitution. The subtlety of all this is, of course, that it is presented in the name of a Christian leader, and that with it, surrounding it, are some beautiful and acceptable ideas. It is chocolate-coated.

Read again from this same book, page 203: "'In this new Society of the Kingdom we shall exclude none, but When some exclude themselves in. spirit, it, then they thereby exclude themselves in sharing. If they refuse, to cooperate, then they are refused the fruits of cooperation." What does this mean? It simply means that if you do not cooperate in the national economic plan, the kingdom of God, they will not give you a ration card, and you cannot have food. It is the same principle as the concentration camp. There it is in black and white. What distresses me is that so many Christian people who love this country and who love the Bible hear this kind of talk and think it is beautiful. Some even call it heavenly.

The largest denomination in the Federal Council is The Methodist Church - some eight million members. The Federal Council of Churches is what it is in its pronouncements and policy because of the nature of the twenty-five denominations which make it up. It is a representative body and therefore expresses the position and viewpoint of the bodies in it. When we see the Federal Council taking a position, we can look back into the denominations which are in the Federal Council and find the same position expressed there. It is only natural that, if these churches really believe what they are advocating to be a part of the kingdom of God, they would teach it to the children and utilize the Sunday school literature as an instrument to accomplish their purpose.

I have here a number of Sunday school quarterlies. Here is the Adult Student, for March, 1946, edited by the Editorial Division of the Board of Education of The Methodist Church. I want to read now from page 36, the lesson for March 31st entitled, "My Task Now." Here the student is told what his task ought to be at the present time. In the section ill which 6overnment Ownership and Control" is discussed, we read: "Ill confronting all such problems the man of faith will not be concerned about labels of 'capitalist' or 'communist,' 'reactionary,' or liberal.' " The mail of faith, of course, is the Christian mail, the church member. I continue: "He will be concerned with creating all economic order in which all may share in the goods which all work to produce." We do not have this order; it must yet be created. Here is the communist idea, the Marxian principle.

I was in Los Angeles a month ago on a speaking tour, and I showed this to a reporter of the Los Angeles Times who was interviewing me., When lie read it, he laid down the quarterly and said, "That's the Party line." Listen to it again, "He will be concerned with creating an economic order in which all may share in the goods which all work to produce." Do you think that the students in the Sunday school should be taught that we must change our present free economic order to one patterned after the Marxian principle?

Now let me continue: "With this principle in mind he will study through each problem as it arises and take his stand accordingly." I have not left out a word or a sentence. The Sunday school pupils are told to embrace this principle. It is a principle. It is entirely different from the principle of our free society which made America what it is' It is the principle upon which the Russian society is built. When the student grasps this principle, "he will study through each problem." No matter what the social question or social problem is, he will study through it with a desire to bring to pass or to create this new economic order, and then he will take his stand accordingly.

I submit, ladies and gentlemen, that has no place in a Sunday school quarterly in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also submit that it constitutes a fifth column.

Now, let us turn to the preceding page, page 35: "This competitive individualism has already undergone drastic modification in all lands where it has existed. Indeed, all increasing number of informed observers is convinced that it is now impossible to return to the old ways or even to retain permanently what is left of capitalism."

Our free society has its defects' and weaknesses, but one of them is not its freedom. The way to correct these defects and weaknesses is not to destroy our free system. A sustained attack is made upon our free society; it is. caricatured, misrepresented. I read again: "It is almost equally clear that a system in which the main motive of work is competition for selfish gain, regardless of 'Public service rendered, is likewise less than Christian." Do you believe that a system which leaves men free is less than Christian? That the question of liberty is involved is just as clear as can be from the Sunday school quarterly itself.

Let us turn back to the lesson for March 24th. It is entitled, "The Road Ahead." Under the subhead, "A More Closely Knit Community," we read (P. 31): "An other irresistible trend of the times is-'the development - of a more deeply organic social life .... Jefferson held that the least governed are best governed . . . . Individual liberty was the great good and was to be interfered with, if at all, only when it interfered with the -liberty of others."

Here the Methodist Sunday school quarterly states the Jeffersonian principle of liberty. That is right. That is the foundation upon which the Constitution of the United States rests, and it is grounded in the Bible, God's Word, from whence it came.

Now, listen, "The kind of individualism which John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Henry David Thoreau proclaimed is gone." No, it has not gone yet, but it is going fast, and it will be completely gone if the coming generation believes what is handed to it in the name of the church as being the kingdom of God.

Listen again: "Gradually we have been made aware that we are of one body.... The imperative need is for a more organic notion of society." No, the imperative need is for a free society, with free men, not with the iron grasp of the State about them, but free to serve God and to keep His blessed commandments. What I have read you is not in the Bible. It is a perversion of everything that the Bible offers to us concerning salvation and the freedom of man in a free. society.

You say, How could it be possible that such a thing as that could get into the Sunday' school literature? The answer is that men have turned away from a belief in and an acceptance of the authority and the message of the Bible.

The American Council of Christian Churches was organized in 1941 to offset this, to expose it, and to call people back to the Word of God and all that it teaches concerning Jesus Christ and salvation. You cannot force men by the iron vise and police power of the State to be good and to love one another.

Tomorrow night I shall go on from here and discuss the subject, "Substituting Karl Marx for Jesus Christ."

Thank you for listening. Good night.

Substituting Karl Marx for Jesus Christ

Good evening, everybody.

The Chattanooga News-Free Press carried an editorial on March 29th entitled, "Church Pinks Out on Limb," which spoke of the fifth column in the Federal Council of Churches. The editorial then observed that, with the turn of events in international relations, the procommunist propaganda inside the church is in a place to be effectively exposed, and it concluded by saying, "Somebody ought to get the saw out and go to work on that limb."

I do not believe that the Christian people of America want to see our free society, our free economic order, destroyed, and a controlled, planned socialistic order put in. its place. I do not believe that Christians want the Lord's money which should be used for the preaching of the Gospel to be used for the spreading of socialism.

Frederick Woltman, the Scripps-Howard reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing communism last year, has recently exposed Jerome Davis, a Methodist minister and author of the book entitled, "Behind Soviet Power." Frederick Woltman attended the convention of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, and in his report he said: "The convention's expert on AmericanSoviet relations is to be Dr. Jerome Davis, long an admirer of the Soviet system." He writes concerning Dr. Davis: "Dr. Davis summed up his views thus: *Is it not probable that the greatest event of the 20th century thus far is the Soviet revolution and all that it has meant to human welfare?"

Dr. Davis' book, "Behind Soviet Power," was sent last summer by the Division of Foreign Missions of The Methodist Church, of which Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, bishop of the New York Area, is president, to every minister in The Methodist Church. A covering letter signed by Bishop Oxnam introduced the book to the preachers. It is one of the finest pieces of pro-Russian propaganda. The money to pay for this came out of the missionary funds.

I have in my hand the Classmate. Many of you know this Sunday school paper which is the official organ of The Methodist Church for young people. The date is July 20, 1947. Here is an article by Jerome Davis entitled, "Joseph Stalin." Let me read some of the sections in this article for you, and I want to -ask you if this is the kind of propaganda that you think the coming generation in America should be taught in the name of the church of Jesus Christ. This is Jerome Davis writing: "It would be an error to consider the Soviet leader a willful man who believes in forcing his ideas upon others. Everything he does reflects the desires and hopes of the masses to a large degree."

I wonder what the people in Czechoslovakia would think about that statement?

Now let me read from the concluding paragraph of the article: "These are some of the aspects of Stalin's life which we should understand. Here is a man who was born under the Tsar's tyranny, without any money, coming from the poorest of the poor in the Caucasian Mountains, speaking a foreign dialect. Yet lie studied desperately hard to win honors at graduation., Then he went out to fight for justice for the people." Did you hear that? Could it be that the Soviet system is being suggested as involving justice for the people? But listen: "But can we go out to serve God and the common people of America as sincerely and courageously as Stalin did for what he believed was best for his people?"

Fellow Christian, fellow American, do you think that Joseph Stalin should be held up to the youth in the Christian churches in the United States as an example of how to serve God sincerely and courageously? I don't.

This biography of Stalin reads like a biography of Thomas Jefferson. Let me turn back and read you more of these stories which are told about him. "Stalin was fearless in helping the workers. One day in Batum he led a demonstration demanding the release of those arrested unjustly by the Tsar's officers. The police retaliated by arresting three hundred of the demonstrators. The next day Stalin marched at the head of a still larger demonstration. The police fired on the crowd. Stalin escaped, but within a month was found, arrested, and sentenced to three years. But he refused to stay put. He was able to contrive ingenious and daring means of escape so that he could continue his work in freeing the oppressed. During his life he was arrested seven times and escaped six. The last time he was released was by the Revolution." Could it be that the revolution is presented as perhaps a good thing, freeing Stalin, and should his heroic leadership for or the revolution be held up to these young people as an example?

At the conclusion of an address in Cleveland where I read from this Classmate, there came to the front of the church a stalwart, gray-haired gentleman. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and his hands were trembling. He said, "Mr. McIntire, I cannot deny what you say; there it is in black and white. But I did not know it. I am chairman of the Board of Stewards in such-and-such Methodist Church here in Cleveland. We have to do something about it." Then he gripped my hand firmly and said, "Young man, keep up the fight. I wish you could get on the largest radio network in America and read those words to the Christian people of this land." I said to him, "Sir, I'll be glad to do it if you will pay for the time."

Instead of presenting articles like this to the young people, they ought to tell them about the tyrannies of the collectivistic social order. You know, it is in the name of so-called economic brotherhood that we are being asked to give up our liberties. We have such false contrasts. In the name of liberty, we are going to lose liberty; in the name of civil rights, we are going to lose our civil rights; and it is in the name of a free society as contrasted with the police state, these Federal Council leaders now tell us, that we are going to be asked to give up our free economy. But that is the heart of our free society. When a socialist talks of a free society, he means one which will be controlled by their planners. Why, oh, why are we so blind? Why, oh, why are we so indifferent? Liberty, life, the Gospel are at stake.

The terms of the Christian' faith, such as "the kingdom of God" and "the new man," are still to be used in this drive to socialize America Men have read into the old terms new meanings. Freedom means something different. Christ means something different; in fact, He be, comes Marx.

I This same Methodist Church which published this Classmate, in its General Conference meeting in Boston last week voted to increase the contribution, which it makes to the Federal Council from $55,000 a year to $90,000 a. year. The boldest and the most subtle attacks upon our free economy and free society are being carried on even in the lower age groups of the Sunday schools of these denom inational bodies of the Federal Council. I speak of the Congregational Christian Church, The Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., the Northern Bap tist Convention, the Protestant Episcopal Church, the Southern Presbyterian Church. And I am sorry to say that even into the Southern Baptist Church these same in fluences are beginning to be felt. Dr. Louie D. Newton, president of the Southern, Baptist- Convention, went to Europe and visited Stalin recently, and came back with a favorable report. Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam wrote an introduction, to his report, and the Communist Party of Illinois circulated the pamphlet with Bishop Oxnam's in troduction in the name of the Communist Party of Illinois to the preachers of that state to promote the communist cause.

Why is all this coming upon us like a flood? Because we have gotten away from the simple teachings of and a childlike faith in the Bible. That Book is our Gibraltar and it is our moorings. Before socialism can take over America, God's people must be led to think that the Bible has a, different meaning, and the campaign is on, subtly to take away our free society.

April Fool Day is always the day for pranks. On this April Fool evening there was a party held in the basement of our home by the young people of the church which I serve. I was unable to be there, but the next morning at the breakfast table my little boy passed around to each member of the family a stick of chewing gum It was an unusual thing to pass chewing gum around at breakfast, but I had forgotten that the day before was April 1st. Every other member of the family knew exactly what was going on. After I had finished my breakfast I picked up the chewing gum. There was an attractive wrapper, "Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum." I have seen the wrapper many times and so have you. I took it off, and there was a piece of tinfoil around the gum, just as was to be expected. Inside was a light gray colored stick of chewing gum, just like the chewing gum you have seen anywhere else. 'Up to that time everything was all right. I lifted the chewing gum to my mouth and began to chew. You know what happened! I had a mouthful of the hottest Mexican red-hot, you ever tasted. Everybody enjoyed the joke, and I did not get the hot taste out of my mouth until after dinner was over!

We can laugh when such an experience has to do with chewing gum, but when it comes to you in the fair air name of the church of Jesus Christ, wrapped up in the Sunday school quarterly, or in the name of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, the voice of Protestantism; when it comes in the name of liberty and everything looks perfectly all right, but the message itself will destroy our free order and make us an easy prey for the advancing hordes of Russia, it is no laughing matter.

Let me carry my illustration a little further. "Not only is the good -wrapper put on the bad chewing -gum, but the attempt is made to put the bad wrapper on the good chewing gum. I shall deal with that angle of things in my talk Monday night when I speak on "Witch Hunting and the Origin of the So-called Civil Rights Program." Will you listen? Once you are alert to tactics of this kind you can be on your guard. Several days later I took a piece of that same chewing gum on which I had been deceived and gave it to the same little boy who had deceived, me. He looked at it; he would not touch it. He was alert!

I have told you of the Federal Council, organized in 1908, and its present program of modernism and the social gospel. I told you of the organization of the American Council of Christian Churches, and the issues that have arisen. At the very heart of it rests this mighty question of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beloved, there is only one Gospel, and there is only one way to be saved. Jesus Christ said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me." Jesus Christ said, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." Do you believe that? I do. I believe it with all my heart. I know that the Son of God left His home in Heaven, the ivory palaces, and came to a world of woe, that He might redeem us by His own precious blood and give us everlasting life and the certain hope of a resurrection day and of an eternity spent with our Creator and Redeemer. join us in this mighty battle.

I have called this movement of which we are a part the Twentieth Century Reformation. It is a reformation in the twentieth century, calling God's people back to the faith. It means that we must put Jesus Christ above every other consideration. He said, "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ?

Thank you for listening. Good night.

The Drive for World Socialism Through the World Council Of Churches

Good evening, everybody.

I have been discussing with you issues as they relate to our free economy, as opposed to the drive for socialism and the collectivistic economy which is the economic foundation of the Soviet system. There is a real issue inside of the United States concerning this, and it is in the church. More and more of God's people are being concerned.

The most effective field, however, where these ideas for the socialization of society are now being promoted is on the international level. These same church groups and leaders in the United States, which are represented in the Federal Council Of the Churches of Christ in America, have a leading part in the formation of the projected World Council of Churches which will come into existence in a conference held in Amsterdam, Holland, August 24th.

I was present in Pittsburgh, November -?8, 1944, and heard Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, the general secretary of the Federal Council, who also is serving on the committee for the formation of the World Council, say: "We in the Federal Council rejoice in our opportunity of helping to further the World Council. We see in it the extension of the spirit and principles which have animated the Federal Council." Then he added, "Ever since its formation this Council has sounded the note of Christian social responsibility."

Plank 2 of the Federal Council's Social Creed reads: "Social planning and control of the credit and monetary system and economic processes for the common good." In my first talk I pointed out the similarity of this to the Marxian economic philosophy.

Dr. William W. Sweet, professor of History of American Christianity at the University of Chicago, in an article in "The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science" for March, 1948, says: "'There is emerging a World Council of Churches, largely under American Protestant leadership and inspiration." Since this new social order which is to be brought about when we change our present system of freedom is to be the kingdom of God, naturally it must be world-wide. Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, one of the leaders in the World Council movement, said: "There must be over-all planning in terms of the whole world. 'Impossible,' 'Too vast,' it is said. I think not.... The planning can be done "

With such strong insistence upon world economic planning, one would naturally expect to see these same ideas emerging in the World Council setup. Of course, in the World Council the emphasis is upon unity, fellowship, and co-operation, but in these churches are some of the most blatant modernist leaders and aggressive socialists on the face of the earth.

A program has been printed and the theme announced for the world assembly. Commissions also have been established. There is the "Commission on the Church and the Disorder of Society." This is the commission which will deal with these socialistic problems. Whom do you think they have selected to be chairman of this department - a gentleman who is a stanch defender of our free economy, or a socialist? He is Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr, a self confessed socialist. Dr. Niebuhr also has been called by his colleague, Dr. John C. Bennett, of Union Theological Seminary, New York, a socialist. I quote from Dr. Ben nett's book: "Most of the representatives of this theological trend that is often labelled 'Neo-orthodox' are, them selves radical in the sense of being anti-capitalist in their understanding of the Christian social imperative." A footnote reads: "I refer to such theologians, however they are labelled, as Karl Barth, Emil.- Brunner, Reinhold Niebuhr. . . ."

Last summer at the World Youth Conference in Oslo the main speaker was Dr. Niebuhr., Standing before a host of youth from all sections of the world, he cried: "I am socialist." When such an able socialist is placed in such a position, does it not indicate where the World Council leaders intend to go?

Also preliminary to and to be a part of the World Council's program, there has been established the "Commission of the Churches on International Affairs." Mr. Mallory Browne, special reporter for the New York Times, writing in the Times of August 6, 1946, reporting the establishment of this commission, said that the commission mission was established "to make the voice of the Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Churches heard in international, political, and economic questions." He explained that the American viewpoint prevailed in the conference, though there was some difficulty with Europeans. "The split was mainly between American and European delegates. A number of European representatives at the conference, which is being held under the auspices of the World Council of Churches, urged caution in considering a proposal by the Americans to set up an international commission through which churches would wield organized influence in world affairs. Grave doubts were expressed by several Europeans as to the advisability of setting up such a commission in their countries, and others warned that churches might thereby fall into the danger of being considered simply another power bloc." In the name of organized world Christianity, in the name of its millions of members, effort is now going to be made to give socialism to the world.

The political power of this World Council is already being felt. Last summer the Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer, Bible Presbyterian minister who toured Europe for three months contacting Bible-believing church leaders, was actually kept out of the British-occupied zone in Germany because he was not endorsed by the World Council of Churches. The British Government refused to permit him to go in without the World Council's approval. The influence of this World Council body with government is going to be felt in closing doors to Bible-believing missions. Dr. - Herman Reissig who has been touring the United States recently in behalf of the World Council of Churches said: "We must be ruthless with what is not relevant." Another very significant thing about this world socialism program is that the Federal Council has officially stated in regard to the European recovery program that the United States should not make any suggestions as to how Europe might effectively restore her economy. In other words, we are to provide the money and not suggest to Europe that a free economy might enable her to get on her feet more quickly. American aid, made possible because of a free economy, cannot, according to the Federal Council leadership, suggest that Europe would be in a better position if she turned away from socialistic ideas and gave private enterprise An opportunity to function in all of its initiative and resourcefulness.

A part of the drive for world socialism is to convince the people of the inevitability of change and also to get across to them the general ideas of different concepts of liberty. Hence, the drive is on to frame new charters of freedom and to include in these new charters so-called new freedoms. Thus we have the same emphasis that we have seen in the leadership of the Federal Council taking shape in the World Council. There is also the same modernist foundation. That is, that belief in the Christian faith and denials of the Christian faith may all work together in one great body in the name of unity.

Truth is always more important than unity. God's Word and His eternal commandments must be honored.

The World Council has a brief statement in its creed which sounds good oil the surface: "The World Council is a fellowship of churches which accepts our Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour." If that meant what you and I think it means, we could accept the statement. But there has also been adopted by the World Council leaders a statement concerning this declaration, which, of course, is not printed in the little folder they circulate. This official declaration reads: "The foundation is not a touchstone, whereby the faith of churches or persons can be judged; ... the World Council does not concern itself with the manner, in which the Churches will interpret the foundation; ... it is left to the responsibility of every church to decide whether they will cooperate on this basis." In other words, you can interpret those words to mean what you want them to mean and nobody will ask any questions. "Come right on in," they say.

One of the leaders who has been promoting the World Council and whose name appears prominently on their lit erature is Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, who has written: "Of course, I do not believe in the Virgin Birth, or in- that old fashioned substitutionary doctrine of the Atonement." Throw row away the virgin birth, and you throw away the teaching of the Bible concerning the deity of our Lord. Throw away the substitutionary atonement, and you throw away the only way of salvation there is.

Here in the projected World Council is the same picture that we see in America. In America this has been offset, as I have explained to you, by the American Council of Christian Churches and the vigorous denominational bodies which make it up, such as our Bible Presbyterian denomination which is now meeting here in Nashville.

Now I am happy to tell you, and I am sure you will be pleased to know, that the American Council of Christian Churches in this country last fall issued a call for the establishment of an international council of Christian churches. This call has gone forth to Bible-believing churches throughout the world. Two weeks before the meeting of the World Council in Amsterdam there will be held in the same city the first congress of the Biblebelieving churches and denominations throughout the world for the setting up of a Protestant council, an international council of Christian churches, to stand for liberty and the faith once delivered unto the saints. There will be no modernism; there will be no socialism. It will raise a standard that will be known around the world.

The World Council of Churches, by the way, also includes the Greek Orthodox churches, which are not Protestant. These churches, of course, are entitled to their views in this world of ours, but certainly the Protestants have no business yoking up with churches that deny the Protestant principles of the Reformation. just as in the United States we have the Federal Council and the American Council, on the world level we are going to have the World Council and the international council. Thus the Issues can be clarified and real testimony given to the Bible and to God's holy Word.

The greatest admiral that the British navy ever had, Admiral Nelson, declared just twelve days before the great battle at Trafalgar, "No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy."

Socialism is the enemy of a free society. Modernism is the enemy of the Gospel. The drive is on to use the international situation and the pressure of international relations and contacts with the United Nations further to influence the United States in the drive for world socialism.

These arguments in behalf of unity are very, very deceptive. Let me illustrate. Two plus two equals four. That is true. That represents liberty; that represents the Gospel. There are those abroad in the world today who say that two plus two equals six. That represents atheistic communism; that represents the extreme materialistic modernism that is in the church. But the cry for unity goes up. We must unite, unite; and under the pressure of that cry strong emotional appeals are made that each side ought to be willing to give in a little in order to have unity. So, for the sake of harmony and world progress,, the man who believes that two plus two equals four says' that he will give a little, and the man who believes that two plus two equals six will concede a point and they will both unite on the proposition that two plus two equals five. They have harmony; they have at last gotten to-, gether and agreed But they do not have the truth, and it is right there that the test is being made in our free world. It is right there that the test is being made for those who believe the Bible.

Those who love freedom must stand by two plus two equals four; and those who love the Bible and its eternal truth must stand by two plus two equals four, no matter what comes.

Thank you for listening. Good night.

Witch Hunting and the Origin of The So-Called Civil Rights Program

Good evening, everybody.

In these six talks I have been dealing with the socialistic propaganda of the Federal Council of Churches and the larger denominations in it. I have also told you of the rise of the American Council of Christian Churches .and its testimony to the historic Christian faith. Saturday night I read you at great length from the Classmate, an official Sunday school paper of The Methodist Church, the largest body in the Federal Council, and you heard the praise of Joseph Stalin and the Russian system which Jerome Davis wrote for the young people of the church.

Now whenever this type of propaganda is carried on, there is also another line of propaganda that accompanies it. For instance, those who would expose those. who are trying to change our free economy are called witch hunters.

I have in my hand the Classmate for February 1, 1948, The article, "Signs of the Times," by Floyd K. Baskette, deals with civil liberties and witch hunting. I quote: "Witch-hunting, inspired by the fear of the atomic bomb, may prove a real danger to basic civil liberties.... The Committee of the House of Representatives -on Un-American Activities may be one of the chief offenders.... The committee, both under the leadership of Representative Dies and Wood, has shown little tolerance or fairness in its investigation of 'un-American activities.' "

I wonder if it is the responsibility of the church of Jesus Christ to carry on propaganda among the young people against the House Committee on Un-American Activities? Why not give the youth the Bible? Of course, that committee is not perfect, but it certainly has been set up to do a very needed job in this hour of tremendous crisis. It is this Committee on Un-American Activities that has exposed some of the radicalism of leaders in the Federal Council. Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, the president of the Federal Council two years ago, has been exposed by it.

Let me quote from a report of that committee concerning Bishop Oxnam: "This individual is a Methodist minister and is sometimes referred to as a collectivist bishop.

"He has a record of association with several groups which have been called Communist fronts. Among these were the following:

"Oxnam has been a sponsor of the National Council of American Soviet Friendship, Inc.... The organization has been cited as a communist front by several investigative bodies. Corliss Lamont, one of the active heads of the organization has been called the most faithful adherent of the Communist Party line in the United States."

Naturally, when the Committee on Un-American Activities begins to make available to the public such information, it is not surprising to find Sunday school literature attacking the Committee on Un-American Activities and condemning it as witch hunting.

This same thing is done in regard to the Federal Council of Churches also. I have here the Westminster Adult Bible Class for May, 1948, monthly lesson magazine of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. I read: "I understand that the Federal Council of Churches is an agency through which Presbyterians and many other denominations can work effectively. I understand also that the International Council of Religious Education, brings together forty or so denominations to make lesson outlines and promote the cause of Christian Education unitedly. But I am told that both these organizations are under fire from certain other groups within the Christian fold who are bringing the charge of 'unorthodoxy' and other easily charged but difficult-to-prove statements. My own feeling, after looking rather thoroughly into the matter, is that the Federal Council and the International Council are the Nehemiahs who are building and reconstructing, and that the critics of these co-operative movements are in danger of becoming the Sanballats and the Tobiahs. I certainly urge every adult Bible class member to be wary of charges that he may read or hear against ... the Federal Council." Thus the Sunday school literature is used not only to propagate socialistic ideas, as I pointed out, but the same literature is used also to warn people against those who would expose what is being done. Either they expect exposure or people are becoming so aroused that these defenses are now necessary.

The civil rights program that we hear so much about today and which is causing such concern had its origin in the Civil Rights Congress in Detroit. Attending this meeting were prominent leaders of the Federal Council of Churches, and also leaders in the Communist Party. Let me read you what the Committee on Un-American Activities had to say about that. I read to you from a report on the Civil Rights Congress by the Committee on Un-American Activities dated September 2, 1947, page 19: "The 'Civil Rights Congress' is an organization dedicated not to the broader issues of civil liberties, but specifically to the defense of individual Communists and the Communist Party. . . . The organization is controlled by individuals who are either members of the Communist Party or openly loyal to it, and ... in carrying out defense aims, the organization has at the same time engaged in a campaign of vilification against the American Government."

The Attorney General also cited the Civil Rights Congress and its affiliated organization as a "subversive" organization in a list prepared pursuant to Executive Order 9835 released by the U.S. Civil Service Commission, December 5, 1947.

Now, by the strangest twist, many of the same aims and goals which are a part of the original Civil Rights Congress are included in the so-called civil rights program offered to us at the present moment. F.E.P.C. is one of the most objectionable features. F.E.P.C. has had the official endorsement of the Federal Council of Churches, and its representatives have lobbied in Washington for the adoption of F.E.P.C. Here are the representatives of the church going to Washington in the name of so many .million Protestants calling for this type of legislation. Let me read to you from the official hearings before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare of the United States Senate, June 11 through July 18, 1947. Dr. -Beverley M. Boyd, executive secretary of the Department of Christian Social Relations of the Federal Council, appeared and said: "I appear here to express the views of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America as stated in official action by its executive committee and at its biennial meetings.

Here the Federal Council goes to Washington. Undoubtedly, great numbers of Christian people who are members of the Federal Council churches oppose F.E.P.C., and yet their representative counts them and goes to Washington claiming to speak for them on this very vital issue. In the course of this testimony Dr. Boyd, when pressed under crossexamination by one of the Senators, said: "I do not wish to increase, as you know, the antagonisms, but my personal feeling is that maybe the time has come when to gain our goal we may have to increase those antagonisms, and maybe this is the practical step." Here a minister goes on the stand before a committee of the United States Senate and admit that F.E.P.C. will increase antagonisms and that he thinks it is a good thing to do in order to obtain their particular goal. What is the goal? I'll tell you what I believe it is-it is socialism; and the greater the racial tension, the greater the demand for government controls!

Let me read you now the statement which the American Council adopted on F.E.P.C. at its meeting last week down in Atlanta!

"In the name of 'Civil Rights,' the proposed civil rights program will destroy America's most fundamental civil liberties. The attack upon liberty today has to be made in the name of liberty. It is the Satanic angel-of-light approach, This is a stratagem to use the prestige of government to smear and to intimidate those, who would oppose that hurtful legislation which the proponents of such measures want.

"It promotes class consciousness and inspires hate between peoples. It is another step toward the socializing of America. It had its genesis in the Detroit Civil Rights Congress of 1946, where known communists and radical church leaders of the Federal Council initiated the entire program.

"The F.E.P.C., which is recommended as a part of this program, and for which the Federal Council has lobbied in Washington, is a vital part of the communist program at the present stage of their developing blueprint. Free enterprise, the right of the employer to choose, and the right of the employee to work with whom he desires are .substantially abrogated. The employer is legally for bidden to make inquiry of a prospective employee concern ing matters which involve the success of his business, and which may have bearing on the security of the entire nation. F.E.P.C., in principle, would be a far-reaching cloak for the shielding of disruptive agents. The solution to these problems is not to be made by an appeal to the police state, but by the preaching of the Gospel, the pre sentation of the law of God, and the eternal judgments of .God upon evildoers. Human relations are, not aided by 'social-gospellers' who would place us in an iron vise."

Why doesn't the church of Jesus Christ preach the Gospel? Why must it go down to Washington and take part in political maneuvers?

Christian friends, these issues concern you; they concern me and our children, the future of the church and our country.

The solution of these problems has to do with the preaching of Jesus Christ. Men need to be saved and born again; then they will love their neighbors. All the socialistic vises and clamps in the world cannot make a man be good. When the church is being used, as I have pointed out in this talk, to stir up confusion and strife, the cause and hope of Russia are greatly enhanced.

We cannot sit silent and let those who would destroy our free economy simply run away with our freedom. Christian people, God's Word has something to say about your support and your fellowship with that Which is con. trary to the Gospel and to the Word of God. We are indeed deed in the midst of a twentieth century reformation.

Tomorrow night I shall go into more detail in my final talk which I have called, "A Personal Testimony." I want you Presbyterians especially to hear my final talk.

Thank you for listening. Good night.

A Personal Testimony

Good evening, everybody.

This final talk I want to make in the nature of a personal testimony. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour. I know that He died for my sins, and I trust Him. My only hope of Heaven and of eternity is in the finished work of His cross. My, how I praise God for this Gospel and this hope! It is all that I have; the only message there is that is worth preaching.

The last few nights I have been talking to you about modernism and socialism and near-communism in the Federal Council of Churches, and the issues that we face in the Christian world. They concern everyone of us who believes the Bible. But someone says, How is it that churches could get away from the truth? The only answer is that they have turned aside from the Bible.

Here is another Sunday school quarterly from The Methodist Church - October, November, December, 1948 in which the Intermediates, the young boys and girls, are told: "Folks used to think that Moses wrote all these books [referring to the Pentateuch], but the best Bible scholars now tell us this is not so. There were several reasons for this earlier belief. The authors of the books said they were written by Moses, for one thing. . .

"As a matter of fact, the books of the Pentateuch, in their present form, were written many years after Moses' death, but that great hero laid the foundation for all early Hebrew legislation. We don't know for sure that he wrote anything, or that lie knew how to write!"

When I read a thin- like this, -k-en to the innocent boys and girls, it grieves and breaks my heart, because Jesus Christ had something to say about Moses. He said to the religious leaders, "Had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me" (John 5:46). Now whose word are we going to take -that of Jesus Christ or the Methodist quarterly? I believe we should take the word of the Lord Jesus. We must believe Christ all that He said.

My friends, it is a heartbreak. I have wept, I have shed many tears over what is happening. I never dreamed when Jesus Christ called me to be a preacher of the Gospel that I would be called upon to walk the path that I have gone, or to make radio talks like these! Paul said in Galatians 1 :8 and 9, "If . . . an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." There is only one Gospel, and men must hear it, and we must defend that message.

I attended the last meeting of the Federal Council in Seattle, when Mr. Charles P. Taft, the present president, was elected. He delivered an address accepting the nomination, and this is what he said. I am. going to quote it to you, but as I do, my heart is heavy. He goes out of his way to cast aside, as the solution for our present problems, the great saving doctrines of the Word of God: "The evangelicals of the revival a hundred and more years ago emphasized the personal depravity of each man and the absence of any 'particle of inherent righteousness' in the miserable sinner. Only conversion of a kind that is fixed at an identifiable moment, the vicarious atonement of Jesus, and the justification that comes completely dissociated from anything else the sinner does, could save any of us. They had little appreciation of liturgical beauty. The belief in the verbal inspiration of the Bible made a pretty complete whole, all of which still can be found now in the new churches at which we are accustomed to look A little down our noses. The membership of the Church of God or- of the Nazarene certainly shows the effectiveness of -the, old-time religion, even though we may be convinced it is, not a solution, at least in those terms, to our modern problem."

My friends, these doctrines are a solution. If we believed in the total depravity of man, if we believed in the substitutionary atonement, we could have another revival. The Bible tells us. when men deny these doctrines, we are to let them be anathema. The Federal Council, has fallen so far away that it takes a man who questions the saving doctrines and elects him president of the Council. Mr. Taft tells us where the doctrines can be found; he knows where they are not being preached, Let me say, if these doctrines were being preached and honored in the churches today, we would have a revival.

I am a Presbyterian. I was born in a Presbyterian manse. I was reared in the Southern Presbyterian Church. I went to Princeton to start my ministerial training. There I learned of the conflict between belief and unbelief, of modernism in the - church, and of the rising of what is called higher criticism. I immediately said that I had to stand on the side of the Bible, regardless of what it cost or what it meant, and I have stood in the church with that group that fought against the modernist doctrines and these rising socialist philosophies. Fifteen years ago I became the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Collings wood, New Jersey, a church of 1166 members. I was twenty-eight. The church was greatly disturbed over modernism in the Board of Foreign Missions of the denom ination, and we reached the point where we refused to send any money to the Board because missionaries were being sent out who denied the way of salvation. I worked with others in the church to try to have the Board cor rected, and, when the General Assembly refused to correct the situation, the late Dr. J. Gresham Machen, scholar and defender of the faith, led in the organization of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions. I be came a member of that Board.

'Immediately, in 1934, the General Assembly attacked this Independent Board in a mandate and directed that its ministers resign immediately and that they support only the officially approved denominational program or be put on trial. I had to make a decision before my Saviour. Would I obey the General Assembly, or would I obey what I believed the Bible taught? I believe the Bible forbids us to support, with God's money, unbelief. I believe it is wrong to send out missionaries who do not preach the way of salvation. I also believe that we are commanded to ,send out the right kind. The church of Christ is not a forum; it does' not include all views and opinions., We present only one way of --alvation, and that is the Christ of the Bible, His shed blood and bodily resurrection.

Well, I refused. I was tried, and in 1936 the General Assembly, in its highest court , speaking in the Jesus Christ and upon His authority, suspended me the ministry and commanded me not to take the holy munion of Jesus Christ again until I repented of my and obeyed this order. Need I tell you what happened? My great church in Collingswood - and, thank God for it - said, We have to separate from the denomination. We had a beautiful building Gothic in design which our people had built at a Cost Of $250,000. We renounced the jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., and, since the fight was over the Bible, we simply put the word "Bible" in front of the word "Presbyterian," and called ourselves the Bible Presbyterian Church.

When the General Assembly came to take away our property from us, we fought for it. We lost in the lower court, and we walked out - 1200 Of US. We met in a tent on an empty lot. It was cold. Then we built a wooden tabernacle, and today we are still in that wooden tabernacle, more than 16oo of us. The Bible Presbyterian denomination now has twelve presbyteries, and churches in twenty-seven states of the 'Union. My, how I praise God! He is Lord! The Bible Presbyterian Church had a part in the establishment of the American Council of Christian Churches.

"The word of God is not bound." Property and position and preferment are nothing compared to the eternal verities of the faith of our fathers. Think what our fathers went through, and suffered! But there comes a time when decision has to be made - will it be Christ and obedience to Him, or will it be men, and a church organization? 1 love Christ, and I love His church. I have never said one single word against the true church of Jesus Christ. Everything I have ever done and fought for has been for the preservation of the true church of our blessed Lord and Saviour. God cannot bless sin; God cannot bless unbelief; and God is going to judge us unless His people who love Him take a stand for His Word. We came out. I say to you tonight, -those of you who are in denominations and churches where there is modernism, if those churches can be purified, stay in and fight; but if not, then you should separate and take part in the establishment and preservation of a true church that will preach the Gospel and which God will honor. The Bible tells us what to do!

The Bible is our charter; it is our hope. I believe that millions of Americans who believe and love the Bible do not know what is being done and what is going on. They need to be told. You need to help us tell them. This was one reason we started the Christian Beacon, a weekly religious newspaper, twelve years ago. God is blessing it and sending it to all parts of the world. This was one reason we started Faith Theological Seminary where today seventy-five college graduates are learning to preach and to go out and take their places in the great battle of the day. My, what a company we have found! There are more than seven thousand who have not bowed the, knee to Baal!

Most -of all, we have found the Lord Jesus Christ in all His faithfulness and all His blessedness. He said, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." In these days when men talk about the brotherhood of man and gloss over and confuse the great issues of salvation and of death and of eternity, those of us who know the real brotherhood of the redeemed have found a precious Father, the eternal God.

My personal testimony and my plea to you tonight is, if you are a Christian, in the light of God's Word, do some, thing about what I have told you. If you are not a Christian, Jesus Christ will save you and you. can spend the rest of your days being a faithful witness and worker for Him in helping to build a true church of our Lord, and in helping to save free America.

Let's be- done with socialism. Let's be done with helping the communist program in America. Let's be done with these confused ideas. Let's go out and use our strength to preserve our free society with all the liberties that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States.

I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back again. As I see the shaping up of world events, I believe it will not be very long. I look for Him every day. He told me to watch, and when He comes the dead are going to be raised, and we are going to be given new bodies. My, how the cry of the heart of the Christian continues, Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

I have been in your city of Nashville attending the eleventh General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church. That Synod adjourned today. The pastors and their wives, elders, and representatives have gone back to their churches. Pray for us.

Take your Bible, take these facts, wherever you are, and God will show you clearly His will for you, and your place for the glory of Jesus Christ.

If you desire copies of these talks, I will send them to you. Write First Bible Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee.

Thank you for listening. Good night, and good-by.

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