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One World Worship Under the United Nations
The UN Is Going Religious, But They Are Making Their Own

by Carl McIntire, President of the International Council of Christian Churches

The United Nations has finally established a Commission on Religion to assist it in bringing the world together. These recent developments reported in The New American, April 3rd quotes the leaders-with the United Nations who have projected what must be done to have a one world worship. According to these reports the UN needs all this for its "sustainable development." To bring the nations together what is called "Gaia Hypothesis" . . . "holds that the earth itself is a deity which we should worship, and that the UN is the instrument through which the earth goddess will dictate our form of devotion." There is the 'Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds' by Dr. Norman Myers who has been, as reported, an adviser to the UN, the World Bank, the State Department and Rockefeller Brothers-Fund." Here is set "forth the basic tenets of the Gaian religion." Here the whole human race is to come "together with all our fellow species and other members of the Gaian community." Norman Myers calls it a "new humanism, a new world view, a new planetary concern." This requires "a UN ministry of religion." The September/October 1994 issue of The Futurist magazine explains this development. "religions are now headed toward what may eventually form a United Religions Organization (URO), structured in much the same way as the United Nations and sharing the same goals."

The emphasis is "that the earth itself is a deity which we should worship, and that the UN is the instrument through which the earth goddess will dictate all forms of devotion." But the report goes on indicating that these developments are on their way to fulfilment. Also quoted is the creating of a "world ethic for living sustainably." This began in 1991 and so the report continues, "in that same year globalist theologian Hans Kung was commissioned by UNESCO to create a 'Declaration of Global Ethic" which would impose a set of binding commitments upon religious leaders and institutions." To obtain this one world worship which is projected, Kung explains "traditional religions have an ethical obligation to cease to exist. In his 1991 book, Global Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic." Here is his quotation: "Any form of church conservatism is to be rejected. . . . To put it bluntly in regressive or repressive religion -- whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or of whatever provenance -- has a long-term future." Totalitarian nature of all this projection is seen in Kung's explanation that "there will be no room for religious diversity because, 'If ethics is to function for the well-being of all, it must be indivisible. The Undivided world increasingly need an undivided ethic. So he postulate, "modern men and women need common values, goals, ideals, visions." When the UN was first formed in San Francisco, all were assured that it would not be involved in any religious act, representation or action. This report on One World Worship developed by the UN says "the crusade on the behalf of the 'Global Ethic' began in earnest January 25, 1993." At that time, "a colorful collection of religious leaders assembled around the 'Peace Altar' at the UN's Temple of Understanding to inaugurate the 'Year of Inter-religious Cooperation and Understanding' " In this report even the names of those present at the gathering are given to the public apparently for the first time. They were Daniel GomezIbanez, a Hindu activist who is a trustee at the Millennium Institute (MI). Along with MI executive director Gerald Barney. Gomez-Ibanez helped to organize the 1993 Parliament of World Religions at which time the 'Declaration of Global Ethics' was unveiled and signed by scores of religious leaders.

The chairman of this parliament is David Ramage, which produced the Global Ethic document which is quoted, "An alternative frame-work of religion to which people will be held accountable. " When one looks at all this it is simply a totalitarian religious association. The leaders of the UN have finally reached the conclusion that their one world and the new world order cannot proceed until these religious hindrances, which now exist, are removed and all mankind joins in this one world worship. Global Ethics, which these religious powers unite, is nothing more than a world socialist society and would require in the end a traditional religion. When the Parliament of World Religions was held in Chicago, Gerald Barney in a keynote address is reported to have brought forward this Global Ethic as essential. Barney had been a spokesman for this development. The story says he "is a wellconnected member of ecological elite." This of course brings the whole idea to its disastrous end. The report says that "Barney disclosed to the Parliament of World Religions that 'an international famous, high influenced author on -sustainable development told me, that 'religion must die.' " Then it is condemned as "the fundamental cause of virtually all social, economic, and ecological problem and much of the violence in the world."

That all of this is now associated and being developed for the benefit of the UN and its program of World Government is noticed that in the highest level of world operation, this is now scheduled for implementation.

Barney realizes that he is confronted with a difficult program but he indicated that "the only alternative to the destruction of religion is the reinterpretation and rejection of ancient traditions and assumptions." Here, there comes to light the realization that this is what is taking place in the ecumenical movement which constantly speaks of the united world church and of humanity.

Another quotation is given from Barney. "Five billion of us humans who must prepare to die to 20th century ways of thinking and being. . . . Every person must think like earth, to act like earth, to be earth." The current emphasis on ecology and the observance of earthday once a year has for the last 25 years actually has had as its consummation what is here explained to make possible this one world worship. That our own political leaders and those in the UN are aware of these things, the report here says, "Barney was the lead author of the Global 2000 report for the Carter administration; in anticipation of the Parliament of World Religions. The quote continues, "he helped create an updated version of that document entitled, 'Global 2000 revisited: What Shall We Do?' The appendix to that report contains an invitation for heads of state and religious leaders to convene in Thingvellir, Iceland, January 1, 2000. There, in a tent, surrounding a stone altar, the gathered leaders would present hand-written covenants pledging loyalty to Gaia. This even would constitute what Barney calls, 'a ritual death to and giving up of the old 20th century and its ways of thinking and being.'"

These actions and projections reveal what now confronts the world, and deeply involved in this, is the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical movement. The article says so, "following the 1993 Parliament of World Religions "Ecumenicist religious leaders wasted no time in the effort to define 'authentic' religious belief." We are now down to December, 1994, five months back on the world stage. Then "dozens of prominent religious leaders joined Paulos Mar Gregorius, former president of the World Council of Churches, on the banks of the river Ganges" where they composed a document 'which urged the spiritual 'empowerment' of the UN" and said, "The UN should have a 'Spiritual Cell' with highly evolved individuals of all religions and cultures in it. These highly evolved masters would be assisted by 'vast armies of spiritual adepts' who would preside over 'multi-religious International Academies' in every country in the world."

At this time, where is any of this information that has been distributed to the American people through the Associated Press? In all of this Karen Singh, president of the UN's 'Temple of Understanding' and Father Louis Dolan, another organizer of the Parliament of World Religions. The foot soldiers of 'spiritual enlightenment' were joined by 1,200 religious and political officials from 52 countries." Who heard anything about these developments? Then again in "February 1994, 500 Christian and Jewish clergymen from 90 countries gathered in Jerusalem for the 'Religious Leadership in Secular Society' conference."

At last we get to the point of what is at stake. "That conference sought to indict "fundamentalism' as a global menace." Then the indictment accumulates its support announcing that they have "'to deal with religious extremism.' This note was taken up by Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, who urged leaders of the three monotheistic religions to -weea out the extremes from their respective faiths. Here is the Anglican Church of England saying this. There was also an unprecedented media campaign in the election of 1994 against the "Religious Right.' " They were 'demonized as enemies of 'democracy' and 'civil liberties.'" But all of this has their own price. He is identified as Lord Maitreya, who is "working with other members of the 'Spiritual Hierarchy' to bring about the consummation of human evolution."

The elements which are reported here can now be seen in all that is going on and which more and more is heading up in the UN. This leads, they think, to a unity that will produce their One World Worship. These developments accumulating over the last four or five years have now reached such proportions that no true believer in Jesus Christ or lover of freedom or independence of the United States and other countries can let it proceed without vigorous opposition on every hand and in talk shows across the land. This commission in which the UN has made a part of its structure in New York and its denunciation and rejection of fundamentalism has, as a part of it, the very elements which the Bible itself describes concerning the rise of the antichrist or the man of sin as described in Second Thessalonians, chapter 2. This One World Worship will provide what the Scriptures say, "Whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders." And in Revelation 13:3, 4, there is no doubt the whole world will worship the beast.

The Christians, of course, who are faithful to the Word and have not been deceived, will never be a part of any such worship or support of Satan. Now that these activities are in full swing, the year 2000, if the Lord tarries, to take out His own will be accompanied by the promotion and acceptance and the desperate need of this One World Worship. To worship the earth of which Satan is the god of this world invites the revelation of Jesus Christ, when He comes to the Mount of Olives and brings all this to naught, binds up Satan and the Christians will glory in the Lamb who was slain for their eternal salvation. For such developments, that are here revealed in the efforts of the UN, to bring in the religious support is a confession that without Satan's program with his agents serving him, there will be no world peace. Here, now come the knowledge of these developments that the believers may truly understand the times, live and suffer for Christ and wait for the glory that shall be revealed in death when Jesus comes.

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