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What is the Difference Between Capitalism and Communism?


Communism is out to destroy Capitalism. The East-West struggle between Communism and Capitalism, tyranny and freedom, is the major conflict of our day.

Communism is determined to dominate and control the world. This is essential to a totalitarian nature. Capitalism requires freedom for the individual.

The struggle is otherwise said to be between Communism and Christianity. Communism denounces Capitalism and Christianity alike. There is a basis in the Christian concept of man in the world for Capitalism, but there is no basis for Communism.

Communism is atheistic, materialistic, and views man as the tool and convenience of the State. Man has no soul, no destiny. Man has no God, no Christ, no hope, no -hell, no Heaven. Communism offers a utopia conditioned upon all men becoming slaves of the state. There is no evil, sin, or Devil except as the Communist determines. Good is evil, light is darkness, all is relative. "Dialectical materialism" alone gives revolutionary progress. Capitalism, on the other hand, rests upon a recognition of God and certain divine, inalienable rights. Man has a soul, a spiritual responsibility.

Ile Ten Commandments teach, "Thou shalt not steal," which guarantees the right of private property and makes of each individual an owner, a capitalist. Man must be free to make a living, to obtain profit, and to enjoy the fruits of his own labor.

The Bible recognizes the essential elements of a capitalist system, the responsibility of the individual for himself and to God.

Ephesians 4:28, "Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him Tabour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth." The address is to the individual. He must not steal. He must work. He must work at that which is good. God furnishes the standard of good, in the Lord. It is proper for the individual to make a profit "that he may have," he may possess, and then he has the responsibility of stewardship, to be concerned personally about those who are in need.

In a Capitalist society, where there is blessing and abundance, belief in God, responsibility to God, and the knowledge of God and of His Word are absolutely essential to the operation of the system. It is a godless Capitalism irresponsible, thoroughly materialistic - that is under the judgment of God.

But Communism, in exposing what it considers to he the evils of Capitalism, does so not because of its weakness and sin but because of its recognition and acceptance of the individual! Communism attacks Capitalism because of the basic elements of freedom, individualism, and a place for the recognition of God.

Communism constitutes a world-wide conspiracy, carrying on a mammoth program of subversion, espionage, and revolution. For Capitalism to succeed and -be a blessing it is essential that the Christian faith be preached, presented, and honored in all avenues of life. And for Communism to be defeated and destroyed, it is essential that the Christian religion and belief in God be the basis for the rejection of Communism.

The Communists have so discredited the word "Capitalism" that in many Western countries it is no longer employed; instead, such phrases as "private enterprise" and "free enterprise" are used. The West has not similarly discredited the word "Communism." It was the Capitalistic systern and its relationship to God-ordained concepts of man and freedom that gave birth to the Bill of Rights which constitutes the protection of the individual in the United States of America.

The social gospel which has introduced itself into so many churches in the United States rejects Capitalism and constantly uses the arguments of the Communist and the Marxist against it. The social gospel places the church. in its organized capacity against a capitalistic system. Capitalism, if it is to survive from the onslaught within and without, must take the initiative in re-establishing in the minds of men everywhere the validity of profit, the responsibility of stewardship, the obligations of freedom, and, above all, the defense of the individual in his right to enjoy the fruit of his own labor and to serve his God. The Capitalist West has the ideology, the material resources, wealth, and genius to meet the challenge of the Communist world provided it will fight the battle on the basis of allegiance to individual freedom and the responsibility of man to his Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The answer to Communism. is not for Capitalism to become socialism, 'but for Capitalism to maintain its integrity. Man's right to property, to get gain, and to develop the initiative and traits of character in the individual which make possible a vigorous, healthy, competitive order in which freedom enables men to make their living, care for their families, and maintain their 'free institutions. Communism has nothing to offer by way of comparison or in any other sphere of interest which can possibly produce the benefits and the blessings of Capitalism.

It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, and its offering to men of the standards of righteousness and the moral law set forth in the Ten Commandments which must be honored and accepted if a Capitalistic order is to be preserved and the State is to be the servant of the Capitalist and not the master of the slave.

Prepared and distributed by
Rev. Carl McIntire, D.D., Director

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