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What is the Difference Between the Christian Beacon and the Christian Century

THE Christian Beacon
AND THE Christian Century

The Christian Beacon, published in Collingswood, N. J., and edited by Dr. Carl McIntire, is entirely different in every respect from The Christian Century, published in Chicago and edited by Dr. Harold E. Fey.

The Christian Century, independent, is at the same time the spokesman in the United States for the ecumenical movement and the positions taken by the paper are reflected immediately down through nearly all circles of the churches affiliated with the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.

The Christian Beacon, independent, carries on a vigorous campaign of defending the faith, exposing the apostasy, and calling- Christian people to a faithful witness in behalf of the infallible Word of God and the testimony of the church of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Century talks of its liberalism, but does not present in its columns the position represented in the movement opposing the ecumenical cause. Until the present The Christian Century has never presented the position of either the American Council or the International Council of Christian Churches. It has had numerous articles through the years attacking these organizations and especially seeking to discredit their leadership as "Apostles of Discord."

The Christian Beacon, on the other hand, adopting the photographic reproduction offset process, is constantly reproducing documentation in full.

The position of The Christian Century is well known to the readers of the Christian Beacon, while the position of the Christian Beacon is not reported in the columns of The Christian Century.

The Christian Century does not observe or practice- the principles of the freedom of the press as they are observed and honored in the columns of the Christian Beacon. The Christian Century is "subsidized in a measure" by the United States Information Agency in that it purchases The Christian Century for the information centers throughout the world. The Christian Beacon has no such assistance from the United States Government, and, though effort has been made to have the U. S. Information Agency let the Christian Beacon he represented in the publications presented to libraries throughout the world, this has been denied. There is no publication in U. S. Information Agency's libraries around the world which represents the position of the Christian Beacon the American Council or the International Council of Christian Churches, or which is in a position to give Information replying to the attacks made upon these individuals and agencies in The Christian Century itself.

The Christian Century is calling for the abolition of the House Un-American Activities Committee for the recognition of Red China, for peaceful coexistence - all of which are being demanded at the present time by the Communists in their world-wide program to destroy the United States of America.

The Christian Beacon has joined the issue with The Christian Century on the basis of high moral principle. The Christian Beacon now sponsors the 20th Century Reformation Hour broadcast. The one point where The Christian Century and the Christian Beacon have frequently agreed editorially is in regard to the Roman Catholic Church and its activities within the United States.

The Christian Century and the Christian Beacon are sources of information in libraries, seminaries, and on mission fields throughout the entire Christian world. The Christian Century is a splendid example that modern liberalism has within its nature the seeds of tyranny and of abuse. It preaches "love and brotherhood" but it, practices intolerance, abuse, and bitterness against those who challenge in any way "the sacred cow" of 20th century modernism - the Ecumenical Movement.

The Christian Beacon also carries a strong, evangelistic emphasis, printing sermons and materials designed to lead people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Christian Century makes no similar appeal, but instead publishes editorials attacking the virgin birth, explaining neo-orthodoxy, and existentialism. The Christianity represented by The Christian Century is a pagan religion and entirely foreign to that which is presented in the Bible. The Christianity represented by the Christian Beacon is that which is in accord with the great, historic creeds of Christendom and which must be preserved if there is to be a true witness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Christian Beacon and The Christian Century are weekly publications. The Christian Beacon may be procured at Box 190, Collingswood, N. J. - sample copy free or subscription at $2 a year.

Prepared and distributed by
Rev. Carl McIntire, D.D., Director

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