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Dedication Services of our New Church Auditorium

This pamphlet outlines the schedule of events surrounding the dedication of the new auditorium of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, NJ between October 20 and November 17, 1957.

Panels One and Two


October..November, 1957

"For the Word of God, and for the
[sic] testimony of Jesus Christ"
Revelation 1:9

Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert Boulevard
Collingswood, New Jersey
REV. CHARLES E. RICHTER, Assistant Pastor

HYLAND W. SHEPHERD, Director of Music
MILDRED LOOSE, Assistant Organist

Panels Three and Four


October- November, 1957

SUNDAY, October 20-Last Sunday in the Tabernacle.

Wednesday, October 23-Farewell Testimonies in Tabernacle.

Thursday, October 24-Testimony of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions-Dr. J. Gordon Holdcroft, president.

Friday, October 25-Pictures by Members of the Congregation of Historic Incidents Through the Years.

SUNDAY, October 27-First Sunday in the New Church. Transition made from Tabernacle to new building with the chimes playing, "Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us."

Monday, October 28-Evangelistic Service-Evangelist Harvey H. Springer, Englewood, Colo.


Wednesday, October 30-Evening Session of the Sixteenth Annual -Convention of the American Council of Christian Churches. ~Speaker, Dr. Harland J. O'Dell, president-"Liberty in the Church."

Thursday, October 31-ACCC evening speaker, Dr. Robert T. Ketcham-"Liberty in Christ."

6 p.m.-Fellowship Banquet. Dr. Kenneth R. Kinney, Johnson City, N. Y., speaker.

Friday, November I-Final session of the ACCC. Evening speaker, judge Robert Morris, Chief Counsel, U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.

7 p.m.-Combined Choirs of Shelton College, Church of the Open Door, and Collingswood B i b I e Presbyterian Church.

Saturday, November 2-Twenty~first General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church. Evening speaker, Hon. James E. Bennet-"The Pattern of the Separatist Movement."

All day meeting of the Women's Synodical.

SUNDAY,November 3-Formal Dedication Service, 3 p.m., Speaker, Dr. Allan A. MacRae, president, Faith Theological Seminary. Evening speaker, Dr. Israel Guciros, president Brazil Theological Seminary, Recife.

Monday, November 4-Synod evening speaker, Rev. Clyde J. Kennedy-"Meeting the Issues of the Hour."

Informal Reception given by the New Jersey Presbyterial Society in honor of Synod, Synodical, and friends.

Tuesday, November 5-Synod evening speaker, Rev. Robert Dunzweiler, professor at Faith Theological Seminary-"The Call of Christ to Preach."

Wednesday, November 6-Synod evening speaker -Moderator of Twenty~first Synod.

Thursday, November 7-Rally of Independent Board for Presbyterian Home Missions. Speaker, Rev. Robert DuVall, pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of West Chester, Pa.

Tuesday, November 12-Faith Seminary Night.

Wednesday, November 13-Sunday School Night.

Thursday, November 14-Shelton College-Dr. Jack Murray, president.

Friday, November 15-Christian Beacon and 20th Century Reformation Hour Broadcast.

Saturday, November 16-Canvassers Prayer Meeting.

SUNDAY, November 17-Building Fund Canvass

All evening meetings begin at eight o'clock unless otherwise noted.

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