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Our Church

This 1946 pamphlet outlines the services of the Bible Presbyterian Church in Collingswood along with information about various outreach enterprises.

Panels One and Two


"Ye shall be witnesses

Bible Presbyterian Church
Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert Boulevard
Collingswood, New Jersey

March 3, 1946
A Family Church
There is a place for everyone in its ministry and services. The entire family can find salvation, comfort, fellowship, challenge, peace, satisfaction, and joy in attending its services and participating in its ministry.

The Worship Service
9.45 A.M. - SUNDAY SCHOOL with a department for every age group from Cradle Roll Class to Adults, with capable, consecrated teachers, and leaders. There is a Cradle Roll Department, which seeks to bring babies at birth into the Sunday School, and a Home Department, which provides lessons for those who cannot attend Sunday School because of home duties, illness, or age.

11.00 A.M. - MORNING WORSHIP, conducted with dignity and devotion, with the exposition of the Word of God as its center.

  • Intermediate Christian Endeavor Society for junior high school boys,and girls meets in the Cradle Roll Class Room.
  • Senior Christian Endeavor Society for high school, college, and business young men and women up to 21 years of age meets in the Fidelis Class Room.
  • Young People's Christian Fellowship for young men and women over 21 years of age meets in the Social Room.
  • Periodically, a combined meeting of these three groups is held, with special speakers.
7.45 P.M. - EVENING WORSHIP with evangelistic message.

9.15 P.M. - YOUNG PEOPLE'S HYMN SING, held in homes of the congregation.

Each Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, for praise, prayer, and Bible study.

THE COMMUNION SERVICE is held five times a year the first Sunday of February, April~ June, October, and December. PREPARATORY SERVICE to the Communion at 8 o'clock on the Friday evening preceding Communion.

GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE early Easter morning in the
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Panels Three and Four

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Cooper River Parkway at Cuthbert Boulevard.

THANKSGIVING DAY SERVICE at 9 o'clock in the morning.

CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE at 10 o'clock in the morning with the presentation of gifts.

WATCH NIGHT SERVICE at 10 o'clock on the evening of December 31st.

Other Services
MEN'S EVANGELISTIC MEETINGS at 3 p.m. on periodic Sunday afternoons.

SCHOOL OF MISSIONS on the Wednesday evenings of November.

SCHOOL OF STEWARDSHIP on the Wednesday evenings of February.

The Music
There are three choirs: adult, young people's (young people over 15 years of age), junior (boys and girls from 10 to 15 years). These represent an endeavor to train our people to sing the Gospel, thus rendering appropriate praise, adoration, and worship of our Lord.

This is a singing church, with hearty congregational singing of the old hymns and Gospel songs.

The Message
In all the departments and organizations of the church the fundamental teachings of God's holy Word are taught and emphasized. The Bible is the basis and textbook. It is held up as our "only infallible rule of faith and practice." The Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, is the church's theme. He is our Message - the answer to every individual's question and need. We believe the world needs to hear, "Thus saith the Lord," rather than the words of men.
In maintaining this message in these dark days God has been pleased to give our church a very significant and influential position in our land in the great conflict with apostasy in the church. God's people must be in true churches to serve Him aright.

The church has no suppers, bazaars, entertainments, or any commercial means to raise money, but depends upon the free will offerings of the people, teaching the Bible's message of stewardship and tithing.

Its budget is a "fifty-fifty" budget - 50 per cent of all contributions are disbursed for local current expenses and 50 per cent for missions and benevolences.

The Organization and Officers
The church is governed and its activities controlled and directed by a Session of 17 elders. They are Claude S. Annesley, Clayton A. Bancroft, Clyde M. Blazer, James C. Fox, John D. Henry, Matthew N. Johnson, Ora W. Jordan, Robert L. Isaacs, Wesley C. Johnson, James 1. Logue, Albert F. Miller, Conrad H. Miller, Harry W. Veatch, Reginald S. Wigfield, Robert P. Willits, John K. Wilson,*and Ralph S. Wright.

Besides their duties in governing the church, they expend the missionary and benevolent funds of the church. In addition to a part in the support of Faith Theological Seminary, the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, the National Missions Committee of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Harvey Cedars Bible Presbyterian Conference, the American Council of Christian Churches, the Christian Beacon, and a number of other agencies and individual missionaries and pastors, the church pays the fall salary of 12 missionaries. They are Mrs. Helen Dunkeld, Africa; Dr. and Mrs. William H. Chisholm,* Korea; Miss Marian W. McNeil,* Africa; Rev. and Mrs. Philip Lytle, Peru; Rev. and Mrs. Earle R. White, Chile; Rev. R~d Mrs. John M. L. Young,* Manchuria; Rev. and Mrs. F. Burton Torns,* China.

The church property is cared for and managed by a Board of Trustees. These men expend the current expense funds. They are Burchelle J. Bashaw, C. Wilbur Hautz, Merle F. McBurney, A. Donald Pidgeon, Ernest K. Post, Harry C. Rainey, Joseph Robb, McGregor Scott, Edward R. Shane, David W. Steele, John A. Taylor, Jr., Walter F. Thompson, and William S. Woods.

The needy of the church are looked after by a Board of Deacons. They are Clair Y. Bowden, Edward Faubell, George W. Fincke, Howard E. Goff, Elisha S. Janbaz, John M. Kay, Harry F. MacLaren, Ferdinand McNabb, William H. Pole, James Scollan, Harry M. Stewart, and Louis R. Taylor.

The membership of the church is divided into 48 geographical units with a leader for each unit. This leader is
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*Because of the war these have been in America for some time but are now looking forward to going to their flelds of labor in the very near future.

Panels Five and Six

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one of the women members of the congregation residing in the particular geographical area. Her duty is to keep in touch with the members and report to the Pastors illness, sorrow, or trouble in her group.

Christian Beacon
This is an eight-page religious newspaper published weekly as a project of the church. Its purpose is "to expound, defend, and propagate that one great system of revealed truth given in the love, with malice toward none, and with a single desire to glorify God."

Much of the work entailed in the publication of the paper is done by volunteer workers from the congregation. Its present circulation is 25,000 weekly. About sixty-five people assist in this work, but because of the steady increase in circulation a hundred such workers could find ample and effective employment.

Men's Work
The Men's Friendly Bible Class of the Sunday School is the organization through which the men work. For special service the class holds periodic Sunday afternoon Men's Evangelistic Meetings and conducts the Sunday evening services in neighboring churches and missions. It has a monthly evening meeting to conduct its business and for sociability and fellowship.

Women's Organizations
The women of the church find attractive and challenging opportunities for service and study and fellowship in a number of organizations:

1. THE WOMAN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The purpose "shall be to make Christ known to the world by uniting the women of the church in missionary effort at home and abroad; by widening the understanding and challenging the devotion of its members to the cause of world evangelization; and by systematic means to gather funds for the promotion of this work."

Meets at the church the second Tuesday of every month at 8 p.m., except July and August.

2. THE LADIES' AID SOCIETY. The purpose of the society is to "further the interests of the church" in every way. It assists the Board of Trustees in looking after the temporal affairs and the church property.

Meets at the church the first Tuesday of every month at 2 p.m., except July and August. Has special meetings to sew for worthy Christian enterprises.

3. ORGANIZED SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES. These afford further opportunities for service and fellowship, with their monthly business and social meetings and missionary and benevolent projects.

Youth Activities
Young people have a vital place in the life of the church. The youth program has a threefold aim - spiritual, intellectual, recreational, as well as opportunities for effective Christian service. This program is carried on through the Sunday School, th; Christian Endeavor Societies, the Young People's Christian Fellowship, and the Ushers' Association.

A Young People's Council, made up of representatives from the various societies and the Sunday School, acts as co-ordinator for these activities.

There are Saturday night activities of an evangelistic or recreational nature. Two Youth Conferences - one in October and one in May - are held every year. There are occasional street meetings in the summer and monthly visits to the County Detention Home and John 5:24 Mission, Philadelphia.

Young people are prominent in all services and are active in the midweek service.

Children's Program
Special attention is given to the children, not only in Sunday School, but also in the Junior Christian Endeavor, which meets in the church every Friday at 4 o'clock except during June, July, and August; in the Junior Choir; and in the two schools conducted by the church - the Week Day Bible School and the Summer Bible School.

The Week Day Bible School is in session Wednesday afternoons at 2.30 o'clock from October to the middle of May. This is for children who come on released time from the public schools and includes boys and girls from Grade I through Grade 10. A bus collects the children from all the schools and returns them to the schools at the close of the Bible School session.

Summer Bible School is held for four weeks every year - from the middle of June to the middle of July. This is a real school with a nine-year course, an all-Bible curriculum, report cards, and commencement exercises. Since its inception 22 years ago, 130 have been graduated from the school, and 1,082 have been enrolled.

A Nursery for young children is conducted on Sunday mornings in the Cradle Roll Class Room during the morning worship service, so that young parents may attend the service.

Panels Seven and Eight

The Pastors
THE REV. CARL McINTIRE:, Pastor, ministers the Word at all services, is moderator of the Session, and Editor of the Christian Beacon. He is the leader and promoter of every activity and the adviser of every group in the local church and a leader in the church at large, being president of the Board of Directors of Faith Theological Seminary, a member of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions and the Board of Directors of Harvey Cedars Bible Presbyterian Conference, and vice president of the American Council of Christian Churches.

THE REV. CLARENCE LAMAN, Assistant Pastor, shares in the ministry of the Word in the absence of the Pastor and is in charge of the pastoral calling. He is active in the work of the Presbytery of New Jersey, being particularly interested in the establishment of a Home for the Aged.

THE REV. RICHARD E. COULTER, Assistant Pastor, shares in the ministry of the Word in the absence of the Pastor and supervises the youth activities and children's work. He is active in the work of the Presbytery of New Jersey, serving on many of its committees.

These servants of the Lord are always anxious and willing to render pastoral counsel, spiritual help, and friendly advice. They are trained ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ upon whom you can call at any time for assistance personally and for the family and home.
The New Building
The present building facilities are limited and inadequate, and the church is planning for and looking forward to a new, fully equipped building. The architect right now is working on detailed plans for the first unit of this building which will provide adequate rooms for our Sunday School and young people's activities.


"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it" (Psa. 90:17).

Panels Nine and Ten

First Unit to Be Erected

First Floor

Haddon Avenue

Second Floor

Haddon Avenue
The Members
"Every member a worker" is the ideal for our church. The church is falling short of its goal unless every member attends its services regularly and engages in at least one specific service or ministry.
Here is our program for every individual member:

1. Read the Bible daily.
2. Pray every day.
3. Give thanks at every meal.
4. Have regular family worship.
5. By example and speech moment by moment honor the Lord Jesus Christ.
6. Attend services on the Lord's Day regularly.
7. Attend the midweek service.
S. Contribute of your tithe regularly and proportionately to the work of the church.
9. Take an active part in at least one of the organizations or projects mentioned in this folder.
10. Invite at least one person a month to attend the services of the church-someone who is unsaved or unchurched.

"Be thou faithful."

The church offices are now housed in the Christian Beacon Building, Haddon and Frazer Avenues.
Telephone - Collingswood 1021.

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