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The Tabernacle

This sixteen page booklet from the dedication of the Collingswood Tabernacle chronicles the history and people involved in the dedicatory service.

Front Cover


Page One


Thursday Evening, November Ten, Nineteen Thirty-eight
Seven-thirty o'Clock


Page Two

REV. CARL McINTIRE, Pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood, N. J., Editor of the Christian Beacon, President of Board of Trustees of Faith Theological Seminary and Secretary of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions

JOSEPH ROBB, President of the Board of Trustees, and Rev. Carl McIntire, Pastor, at the ground breaking ceremonies for the Tabernacle on April 24, 1938, following the Sunday morning service which had been held in the tent.


Page Three

THE TENT, equipped with electric lights, heaters and amplifiers, had an original seating capacity of 1000, but 200 additional chairs were added later to take care of the entire congregation. The first preaching service was held here on Sunday morning, April 3, 1938, at which time Communion was served


Page Four

THE MAIN building, shown above, has a seating capacity of approximately 1500 and the annex at the right contains two large Sunday School rooms suitable for small group meetings. . .also the Church offices, dining room and kitchen. The Tabernacle faces on Cuthbert Boulevard, which provides ample parking facilities.


Page Five

THE ABOVE view was taken from the choir loft on Sunday morning, May 29th, 1938, upon the occassion of the first service to be held in the Tabernacle. At this time the building had been in course of construction about five weeks.


Page Six


1. ORGAN RECITAL . . .Marion Post Ruviella
  a. Prelude and Fugue in G Minor - BACH
  b. The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupré - RUSSELL
  c. Andante from Fifth Symphony - TCHAIKOWSKY
  d. Toccata - BOELLMANN



4. INVOCATION. . .Rev. Carl McIntire


6. TENOR SOLO. . .Jean Ruviella
  The Lord My Shepherd Is - FRANZ LISZT


8. ANTHEM. . .The Choir   Unfold Ye Portals - GOUNOD

  Dr. William A. Chamberlain

10. RECEPTION OF KEYS. . .Joseph Robb

11. DEDICATION. . .Conducted by the Pastor

  Dearly beloved in the Lord, God our Heavenly Father, having in His grace, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord, brought to its consummation, our work of preparing for the honor of His Holy Name, a house within whose walls His Gospel is to be truly preached, His Sacraments are to be faithfully administered, and prayer and praise are to be offered unto Him, we are now gathered in His Presence for the purpose of devoting this house, by a solemn act of worship, to its proper and sacred use.

(People standing)

  THE PASTOR - To the glory of God the Father, by Whose favor we have builded; to the honor of God the Son, and Lord Jesus Christ; to the praise of God, the Holy Spirit, source of life and light;

  THE PEOPLE - We dedicate this house.

  THE PASTOR - To worship in prayer and music; for the ministry of the word; for the celebration of the Holy Sacraments;
(continued on the next page)


Page Seven


(continued from the previous page)

  THE PEOPLE - We dedicate his house.

  THE PASTOR - For the Christian education of youth and age in the holy precepts of the Bible, that all who study here may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works;

  THE PEOPLE - We dedicate this house.

  THE PASTOR - For the comfort of those who mourn, for the strength of those who are tempted, and for growth in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ;

  THE PEOPLE - We dedicate this house.

  THE PASTOR - For missionary endeavor at home and abroad, for gospel evangelism in the Home, Sunday School, Church and Community;

  THE PEOPLE - We dedicate this house.

  THE PASTOR AND THE PEOPLE - As a tribute of gratitude and lvoe, a free-will offering of thanksgiving, from those who have tasted the cup of Thy salvation and experienced the riches of Thy grace;
  We, the people of The Collingswood [hand correction: "Bible"] Presbyterian Church, now consecrating ourselves anew, dedicate this entire building in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. AMEN.

  Rev. Desmond Jones

13. OFFERTORY. . .Trumpets
  Robert Lore, Robert Myers, Joseph Comfort

14. QUARTET. . ."Come Ye Out from Among Them"
  Eleanor Wigfield, Mary Miller, John Swanson, Robert Thompson
  Words - H.W. Veatch, Music - George Blank

  Rev. Harold S. Laird, D.D.

  The CHoir and Congregation
  Lift Up Your Heads Oh Ye Gates - ASHFORD
 : All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name

17. BENEDICTION. . .Rev. Carl McIntire



Page Eight


THE HISTORY of the Bible Presbyterian CHurch (Unaffiliated), of Collingswood, New Jersey, dates from the close of the Sunday evening service on March 27, 1938, at which time the congregation of approximately 1200 people left the building which had been erected and dedicated as a place of worship, under the form of government of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., for the past 35 years, and known historically as "The Collingswood Presbyterian Church."

The contributing cause of this separation from the parent organization was that of the recent official and judicial actions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. in upholding the Modernism which has become more and more entrenched in the churches of the denomination, and the suspension from the ministry of those who refused to obey certain mandates issued clearly in violation of the established Constitution of the Church, and contrary to the supreme authority of the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

As a matter of record, it should be mentioned that the decision to separate entirely from the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and to relinlquish all claims to the property, buildings and equipment which the congregation had acquired and maintained through the years, was because of the fact that a small minority of five members had entered suit in the Court of Chancery in the City of Camden, to prevent the pastor, the Rev. Carl McIntire, from preaching and the overwhelming majority of the members and congregation from retaining possession of the Church and Sunday School buildings for public worship. Several months after this suit was prosecuted in the Court of Chancery and brought to a conclusion, the Hon. Judge F. B. Davis, before whom the case was heard, rendered his decision in favor of the minority members.

As a result, on Sunday night, March 27th, the Pastor and congregation voluntarily left the church. At the close of the sermon the congregation gathered

(continued on the next page)


Page Nine


(continued from previous page)

on the lawn, sang, "Faith of Our Fathers," and "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us," and the Pastor pronounced the benediction. There was no immediate place in sight where the congregation could assemble for public worship on the following Sunday, or even for the Preparatory Service on Friday evening, previous to the Communion Service on Sunday. The situation became a matter for special prayer by both the Official Boards and members of the church, and by the end of the week a new location had been secured on which a large tent was erected, having a seating capacity of about 1200 people, in which the Preparatory Service was held on Friday evening, and on Sunday morning, April 3, 1938, the regular preaching and Communion Service was held, at which time 88 new members were received into the fellowship of the Church, and 1293 persons received Holy Communion from paper cups.

For the following eight weeks all church services were held in th tent, while the several departments of the Sunday School were housed in halls and other places in the borough which had been offered for temporary accommodations.

Realizing the immediate necessity for a more adequate and substantial place of worship than that provided in the tent, several committees of the Session and Board of Trustees were appointed to inaugurate a building program looking towards permanent facilities wherein the entire activities of the Church and Sunday School could be centered.

Through the untiring efforts of all committees, the present building was sufficiently completed within eight weeks so that church services could be held. After the morning service on Sunday, April 24, 1938, the congregation assembled outside the tent and took part in the "ground-breaking" service which marked the beginning of the building operations for the church proper. Since the building program, as a whole, has been finally completed, the Bible Presbyterian Church stands today as a witness and testimony to the truth of the Scriptures, where the Gospel of
(continued on the next page)


Page Ten

(continued from previous page)

salvation through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, can be proclaimed with true liberty and freedom and without compromise.

There is a paragraph in the history of the old church, written on the occasion of the dedication services held April 6, 1930, and marking the completion of that building program, which might be of interest just at this point. Little did we think then that in the space of eight short years the people who had sacrificed to build and largely pay for the beautiful edifice at Fern and Maple Avenues would be called upon to "count all things but loss" for the sake of the Gospel, and to begin all over again the establishment of a testimony that would perpetuate and carry on the high ideals as expressed in that paragraph, We quote from that history:

"We believe at this time we have reached the consummation of a building program which was, from the very beginning, conceived in the hearts and minds of that small company of Presbyterians residing in Collingswood nearly three decades ago, when they met together for the first time to consider the advisability of establishing a Presbyterian Church in the Borough of Collingswood. The building and equipment which have now been completed are but the reality of what was, may we say, dimly visualized in those early days as our ultimate goal of achievement. And now as we look backward over the stretch of years, and recall with grateful hearts the manifold blessings which have been vouchsafed unto us by a loving and gracious Heavenly Father, we pause today to look upon this beautiful edifice which has been reared to the honor and glory of God, and wherein shall still be proclaimed the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the influence of which shall, we trust, by reason of a loyal and faithful membership, be felt throughout the communitv and carried through ever widening circles to the uttermost parts of the world. This has been the supreme object of the church in the past, and may it be its steadfast aim and high ideal for the future."

And now it would seem but fitting to apply that same expression of loyalty to this new church of the Lord Jesus Christ, as we, as a congregation, seek to

(continued on the next page)


Page Eleven

(continued from previous page)

honor Him in the dedication of this new building as a place of worship.

There are many other interesting facts in the history of the church which we have left behind, but we refrain from repeating them here in detail, being more satisfied, we trust, to look upon them as memories of the past, and to center our minds and hearts upon this larger work of the Kingdom which we feel our Heavenly Father, in His all wise providence, has opened the doors for our entrance.

The following description gives more in detail the progress of our present building program as it has been developed to final completion:

After the judge, on March 18, had indicated his adverse decision, with respect to our retaining possession of the church property and all equipment contained therein, and before the signing of the final decree, a meeting of the Joint Boards of the Church was held on the evening of March 22, 1938, for the purpose of considering plans for providing a new place of worship.

It must be remembered that in the final decree of the Court, dated March 28, 1938, it was "ordered, adjudged and decreed" that the officers of the church were jointly and severally enjoined and restrained from removing, and from directing or authorizing any other person to remove any books, papers, records, accounts, or any other personal property of any kind or description whatsoever belonging to the said church as it was constituted on June 15, 1936."

In complying with this decree of the Court, yet still believing it to be illegal and unjust because of being denied our constitutional rights as a congregation which had not departed from the faith and standards of the Church, but were zealous to maintain them, we left the old organization "entirely empty handed," though steadfast in the belief of the Scriptures as recorded in 1st Samuel, 2-30, "Them that honor Me I will honor," and in Phil. 4-19, "But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Therefore, at the joint meeting above mentioned, the following committees were appointed and instructed to proceed immediately to arrange for the establishment of a new church:

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Page Thirteen

(continued from previous page)

Survey for Tabernacle
Manse and Church Office
Communion Service
Chairs and Furnishings
Kitchen Equipment

At a meeting of the joint Boards on March 24th, the name "BIBLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF COLLINGSWOOD (Unaffiliated)," was adopted, and Mr. Weidner Titzck, Attorney for the Trustees, was instructed to take the necessary legal proceedings to secure papers of incorporation.

On March 28th at 4 P.M. a committee of approximately fifteen men, representing the Tabernacle Committee and the Congregation, met with the Borough Commissioners at a special meeting in the Borough Hall, and requested permission to erect a tent for worship and religious meetings, on the parcel of ground at the corner of Haddon Avenue and Cuthbert Boulevard, in the Borough of Collingswood. Permission was granted by the Commissioners to use this ground as outlined by the committee, and on April 11th, 1938, this same plot of ground, measuring 150 feet on Haddon Avenue, and 275 feet (more or less) on Cuthbert Boulevard, was purchased as a permanent location for the church.

On April 21st the Building Committee accepted a bid for the erection of a Tabernacle, to have a seating capacity of approximately 1500, and actual building operations were started on Monday, April 25th. As the main auditorium of the Tabernacle neared completion, a second contract was entered into by the Building Committee for the construction of an annex to be used for Sunday School class rooms and other organization meetings, church offices, dining room and kitchen.

(continued on the next page)


Page Thirteen

(continued from previous page)

0RGAN-The organ, selected by the committee after careful investigation, is known as the Everett Orgatron (Cloister Model) with Cathedral Chimes. To obtain the required volume for the large auditorium, a large amplifier was installed in addition to the regular equipment.

This type of organ is new and does not require pipes, but is played in the same manner as an ordinary pipe organ. Its tones are natural, organ-like and of fine quality. There are twenty tubular chimes of the highest quality which may be played loud, medium and soft. The chimes are enclosed in a separate cabinet.

The organ was in place and ready for the first service held in the Tabernacle on May 29th, 1938, and has since been a great delight and satisfaction to the congregation. The total cost of the organ and auxiliary equipment, installed, was $2390.

HEATING SYSTEM-The heating system, which has been installed, is known in engineering practice as a low pressure vapor-steam system which is automatically controlled and contains about 4000 feet of radiation. It is equipped with an oil burner of approved type and has a 60 horse power boiler. The cost of this installation was approximately $5500. The system was completed and heat turned on for the first time for the Wednesday evening prayer service on October l2th.

FINANCIAL REPORT--Much credit is due the Finance Committee in setting up and carrying out the financial program necessary for a building enterprise of the scope and character which presented itself to a congregation of about 1200 Bible believing Presbyterians who were faced with the problem of starting, as some one has aptly remarked, "from scratch." The work of this committee, together with the various sub-committees appointed to assist in the many details involved, has been almost beyond comprehension, considering the short period of only about seven months in which the building program has been brought to almost its final completion at this date. The following is a statement of receipts and expenditures tip to about November 1st, 1938, and

(continued on the next page)


Page Fourteen

(continued from previous page)

we believe will be of interest as a part of the present history:


Loans, Secured by Notes. . . . . . $22,220.00
Voluntary Contributions. . . . . . .16,965.66
Account of Building Fund Pledges. . .2,394.63 $41,580.29


Rental of Tent. . . . . . . . . . . .2,148.00
Real Estate Purchase. . . . . . . . .6,076.80
Borough of Collingswood. . . . . . . . 417.00
Erection of Tabernacle. . . . . . . 19,010.14
Plumbing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .920.00
Electrical Work. . . . . . . . . . . . 830.31
Heating System. . . . . . . . . . . . .515.00
Erection of Annex. . . . . . . . . . 4,126.04
Boiler for Oil Burner. . . . . . . . . 400.00
Oil Storage Tank. . . . . . . . . . . . 89.10
Painting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .255.17
Floor Covering. . . . . . . . . . . . . 86.00
Chairs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4,301.62
Service Piping to Kitchen. . . . . . . .45.50
Sump Pump. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29.63
Kitchen Supplies. . . . . . . . . . . . 43.45
Advertising. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 502.06
Architect. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300.00
Supervision of Erection. . . . . . . . 200.00
Miscellaneous. . . . . . . . . . . . . 136.97 $40,432.79

Cash Balance on Hand. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1147.50

We take this opportunity to express our grateful appreciation for the generous and hearty co-operation of all those who have had any part whatsoever in the financial assistance necessary to complete an undertaking of this kind. We believe that the love of God in the human heart, the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit and our faith and loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ have been the compelling motives in all of our endeavors, and tonight, we dedicate it to Him for His own honor and glory.

   Clerk of Session

Present Church Membership. . . . . . . .1301
Bible School Enrollment. . . . . . . . . 913

O Give thanks unto the Lord,
for he is good: for his mercy
endureth for ever.
  Psalm 107:1.

Except the Lord build the
house, they labour in vain
that build it.
  Psalm 127:1.


Page Fifteen

What the Tabernacle Stands For

"SEEK YE FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." This text has been a favorite in the Collingswood congregation for years, and we believe it has been literally fulfilled by Almighty God unto us.

The truth and authority of the Bible, the blood atonement, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, the virgin birth-these essential and cardinal truths of the Christian faith are at stake in the religious controversy in the world today. They were denied, compromised, and belittled in the body from which we were compelled to separate, the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. Because we hold these truths more precious than buildings, God has given to us this place of blessing and a larger opportunity of service. We could not remain in fellowship with a denomination which exalted its word above the Word of God and attemptcd to make its will supreme over the consciences of men rather than the will of the living God.

This congregation, we believe, stands in a great and historic Protestant succession. We have not changed one iota. We hold to the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms. We continue truly Presbyterian. Our one desire is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and Him only in the winning of lost souls at home and abroad and in the building up of believers in the knowledge of the Lord.

The peace, the joy, the comfort, the victory, which God has given to us, have visibly confirmed His every promise and His utter faithfulness. He who hath begun a good work will complete it, and, with dependence upon Him and with all glory to His name, we thank Him for the privilege of being alive this day and of witnessing and contending earnestly for the faith once for all delivered unto the saints.

Our every action has been motivated by love for the Lord Jesus Christ and obedience to His commandments.


Page Fifteen

Officers of the Church



Claude B. Annesley          Oliver M. Love
William A. Chamberlin       Albert F. Miller
James C. Fox                Conrad H. Miller
John D. Henry               Myron W. Miller
William M. Irving           Harry W. Veatch
Wesley C. Johnson, Clerk    John K. Wilson
Lawrence Isaacs, Church Treasurer
Reginald S. Wigfield, Benevolence Treasurer


JOSEPH ROBB, President

Robert L. Isaacs            Alfred T. Reed
Ora W. Jordan               Edward L. Shane
Arthur C. McGuire           David W. Steele
William S. Woods            Walter F. Thompson
Ernest K. Post
A. Donald Pidgeon, Secretary


ALBERT F. MILLER. Superintendent
JOHN K. WILSON, Associate Superintendent
CLAUDE B. ANNESLEY, Associate Superintendent
ROBERT E. McLAUGHLIN, Secretary and Treasurer
                            Assistant Secretaries


MRS. JAMES H. DAVENPORT, Beginners Department
MRS. CLYDE M. BLAZERI, Primary Department
WALTER F. THOMPSON, Junior Department
WALTER N. GRANT, Intermediate Department
HELEN M. THAYER, Young People's Department
ARTHUR C. MCGUIREI, Adult Department
MRS. C. EWING MULFORD. Home Department



Looking unto Jesus.
(The Author and Finisher of Our Faith)




Look away from things that perish,
Wood and stone will soon decay.
Fix your eyes on things eternal,
God and Heaven will Stand for aye.

He is able, He is willing,
He will guide you all the way,
Take your eyes off things that perish,
Look to Him and trust and pray.

Look away from things that perish,
Earthly treasures all are vain,
Cast your burdens on the Saviour,
He Who bore your sin and shame.

He is able, He is willing,
He will guide you all the way,
Take your eyes off things that perish,
Look to Him and trust and pray.

Look away from things that perish,
Trust in God, He will provide
All you need in Earth and Heaven
If you in His love abide.

He is able, He is willing,
He will guide you all the way,
Take your eyes off things that perish,
Look to Him and watch and pray.

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