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WCC Announces the Origin of the Earth in Australia Assembly
By Carl McIntire, President International Council of Christian Churches

The documents adopted for the guidance of the churches by the 7th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Canberra, Australia, February 7-20, 1991, have now appeared in The Ecumenical Review. This publication of the WCC devoted its April issue to "The Canberra Assembly: Expectation and Experience," including some 300 pages. "The Ecumenical Chronicle" has in it what the four sections of the Assembly concluded and commended to the churches on the authority of the Council.

"Section 1: Giver of Life - Sustain Your Creation," announces for the first time in ecumenical chronology that this little earth is only about 4.5 billion years old. No reference is made to how this revelation was secured other than the fact that the theme under which all action was taken was "Come Holy Spirit, renew your whole creation." Ascertaining the age of the earth was a significant undertaking since they now have devoted themselves to saving the earth from its destruction.

After announcing this, the WCC goes further and reveals the time that life began on this "little watery speck." Not quite a billion years, but almost after the earth got human species has been able to threaten the very foundations of life on our planet in only about 200 years since modern industrialization began." So where do we belong in the Creator's purpose?

All of this is a part of the major concern of the WCC, as it has called upon the churches and those in "the community of life" to recognize that "we understand ourselves as servants, stewards and trustees of the creation." This whole area of responsibility also includes their enlisting and cooperating with the pagan religions and their responsibility for their existence on the earth and keeping the truth.

This is included in their observations and acceptance: "We are called to commit ourselves anew to living as a community which respects and cares for creation." All of this is in Section I, but the same activity with the same authority was described for the other sections in these terms:

"The heart-of the assembly was the work done in its four sections, exploring aspects of the theme relating to creation, to truth and freedom, to unity and reconciliation, and to transformation and renewal. Several issues and questions emerged in more than one Section; these included the nature and role of the church, the activity of the Holy Spirit, the relations of the gospel to other cultures, the search for a renewed community of women and men, and the transformation of the international economic order."

In all of this the WCC refers to the Christian Scriptures and that Godcreated all that was created and it "was very good." But this is taken from the first chapter of Genesis', which very few in the World Council consider reliable as far as its happening in six days. And again the WCC refers to Genesis 2:15: '.'We are charged to 'keep' the earth and to 'serve' it in an attitude of that blessed meekness which will inherit the earth," When it seems to serve this purpose in some manner, they go back to Genesis 1 and 2, but then it is also contradicted or at least obscured when they announce that it all started 4.5 billion years ago. The entire paragraph with these statistics in it is here quoted in full:

"What is our place as human beings in the natural order? The earth itself, this little watery speck in space, is about 4.5 billion years old. Life began about 3.4 billion years ago. We ourselves came on the scene some 80,000 years ago, just yesterday in the twinkling of the Creator's eye. It is shocking and frightening for us that the human species has been able to threaten the very foundation of life on our planet in only about 200 years since Modern industrialization began. So where do we belong in the Creator's purpose?"

At any rate all of this goes to the churches. Somehow or other the World Council thinks that the whole creation must be taken by man and offered, "to God for sanctification and transfiguration so that they, might manifest the kingdom." In reaching out to all humanity the WCC expressed it in these terms:

"Our exploration of a Spirit-centered theology of creation has led us to deeper understanding. The heritage of indigenous peoples and non-Western cultures, especially those who have retained their spirituality of the land, offers new insights for all."

There is no question that from here on a major mission of the World Council will be directed toward saving the earth, ignoring that it is cursed. Just as it was destroyed by water with all human beings going down to their graves except 8, so it is headed as Peter announced to being destroyed by fire. The same word that brought the flood of Noah's day is holding the earth in store for or that hour when God's wrath will be poured upon the whole creation and fire shall consume it and God Himself will create a new earth and heaven, where sin is no more and righteousness abides. The emphasis on saving the _ea_rth-r6pUic&-whdt used to be amajor concern of the churches, saving souls from hell and giving -to them the only Gospel, which is that man must be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

All of this, of course, is in no way biblical or Christian. It is in no way the revealed will of God, but the WCC has worked out the whole deal as a part of their. program to unite humanity in some kind of structure that will control it and preserve it. This will be without doubt a world political authority which corresponds to some world superstate or its equivalent. The WCC's findings as to the age of the earth and the purpose of the church have come from their own evil thinking and not a simple reliance and a simple faith in what God says.

Also in this Ecumenical Review, there is a section, "Lessons from the Assembly." All the reports from the Assembly emphasized its opening on the 7th of February with the permission of the Aborigines of Australia. They gave permission and all had to pass through their purifying smoke before they could be seated. This report came out with another dating which the WCC offers now to the world. It reads: "The Aboriginals are indeed people of the land who experienced the Spirit of God 38,000 years before Christianity." There is no indication about how they got these figures, but their important thing is that it is too bad that Christianity ever came along to interfere with their "blessed" experience of the Spirit of God. Every true Christian knows all this is absurd, ridiculous and untrue. Only the Spirit of God under the commission of Christ brings men to Him. But this is the lesson that came out of the World Council's meeting in Australia.

The Council has a way of pulling out numbers and statistics - who was there 38,000 years ago? What record has been produced by any in any form that would justify such a calculation, especially coming from a Council of churches which is supposed to deal with the truth? These revelations came from the WCC and were never given to them by the Holy Spirit even though their theme was, "Come Holy Spirit, renew the whole creation."

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