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ICCC Petitions WCC to Remove Communist Agents From Membership

Statement by Dr. Carl McIntire, President of the International Council of Christian Churches to the World Council of Churches meeting in Geneva, September 21-26 for the meeting of the Central Committee.

September 23, 1991

The communist infiltration into the World Council of Churches through their various church leaders operating under their control carried on their propaganda for peace, disarmament and a world socialist society from the beginning of the Council in 1948. The exposure of it and the opposition to it by the International Council of Christian Churches has been pervasive throughout these churches in the World Council over the world. This development has been influential in bringing together on the basis of truth and faith, the 574 denominations constituting the International Council of Christian Churches today.

These petitions are a culmination of all that the Communists have been able to do in the World Council from the day of its founding when Joseph L. Hromadka became the spokesman for the Communist world and insisted that there was "no embodiment of evil in it."

The WCC must face what the Communists have done with them, to them and for them. All this activity tells the human race who does know that there is a Bible in existence which repudiates atheism and supports the Ten Commandments as a standard of righteousness.

The WCC is not Christian; its aims are not Christian. With the failure of Communism in the Soviet Union and with these Communist party controlled churches suffering in its downfall the WCC can in no way shield or protect itself from all that it has done to commend socialism to the church people as the only hope for the society of the Kingdom of God which they envision and support. The WCC must clean house completely or be rejected as the Communist party has been. The free world of Bible believing churches among the nations are now challenged and called to intensify the battle of Christianity versus Communism. It is not dead and the case of the Communists against the Capitalist is very much alive in the circles of the WCC. Many twists, versions, misrepresentation are the order now as the WCC strives to in some way have itself accepted without the judgment which 74 years of Communism now hangs over them.

The International Council of Christian Churches has been raised up by the Spirit of God to maintain the full truthfulness of the Bible and the integrity of the everlasting gospel. These petitions must be faced, and we await the answer of the World Council of Churches and disposition of them.


September 11, 1991 The WCC Central Committee, Dr. Emilio Castro, General Secretary, Geneva, Switzerland, September 21-26, 1991.

Gentlemen and Ladies:

Please consider this a petition on behalf and in the name of the International Council of Christian Churches. The overturning of Communism and the developments in the Soviet Union have been brought to widespread world attention, and the consequences of it have led this Council, the ICCC, to petition you on the following matters.

It is significant that ant: new York Times, Sunday, August 25, featured the headline, "The Birth and Death of the Party," with these words following: "74 Years, Daily Life Controlled by the Party," and the second paragraph read: "For almost 74 years, between its rise to power in November 1917 and its leader's repudiation of it yesterday, this institution born of ideology was church, state, government, watchdog, exclusive club and secret society, a pervasive presence in every aspect of daily life for the millions of people of the Soviet Union."

This also confirms the The New York Times, March 23, 1972, what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in a "Lenton Letter" when he wrote: "The entire administration of the church, the appointment of priests and bishops, including even sacrilegious churchmen who seek to deride and disrupt the church-all these are secretly managed by the Council for Church Affairs.

"A church dictatorially directed by atheists is a sight not seen in 2,000 years."

1. This Council calls upon the WCC to remove from its membership, central committee, commissions, and all its activities the representatives who have come from the churches of the Soviet Union, including the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Baptist Church. These agents of the Communist party and the KGB, the secret police, have had their place and influence within your activities and ministry. With all that has now been exposed, the activity of these churchmen constitutes a grave offense, and no church body of any nature should accept within their structure the presence of such agents.

2. This Council calls upon the WCC to remove from its membership, taken in, in Australian in February, the China Council of Churches represented by K. H. Ting, who explained there were no denominations, and that this council represented the Christians in China today. Ting's position as a spokesman for Mao Tse-tung has been made clear over the years in numerous ways, but especially with the affirmations in his interview with Eugene Stockwell, carried in the Christian Century in 1977. The Time magazine for August 26, in recording deaths of important persons gave this information to the world.

"Wang Mingdao, 91, leading pastor of China's estimated 30 million house-church Protestants whose preaching and resistance to the Beijing regime earned him the honorific 'China's John the Baptist,' on July 28; in Shanghai. Wang pioneered a church that was independent of both Western and Chinese communist control. After he was released from 23 years of imprisonment in 1980, his Shanghai apartment became a pilgrimage center for Chinese Christians eager for an old-fashioned Gospel message."

Wang Mingdao and his churches were founding members of the ICCC, and he suffered these 23 years in the Chinese prison because of his stand with the ICCC. He indeed represents these 30,000,000 Christians in the house churches. Bishop Ting's claim to represent all Chinese Christians and the acceptance of the World Council of it at the Chinese Council's admission to membership was deceptive.

3. This council calls upon the WCC to discontinue and desist in any of the activities which it has been engaged in with what are called churches and leaders in North Korea. They have not been admitted into membership, but the activities which you have engaged in with these churchmen who are the representatives of the Communist Government in North Korea partake of the same nature and purpose as has been manifested in these two above petitions.

In presenting these petitions today for your information, Carl McIntire and several ICCC leaders with him will come to Geneva in support of these petitions and will present a prepared brief. Please accept these petitions.

Other ecumenical organizations such as the Baptist World Alliance, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Methodist Conference, all of which are related to the WCC, are having presented to them similar petitions involving the presence in their ranks of these Communist agents and servants of the secret police.

With these world-Wide shaking and historic events in the Soviet Union, the impact of this should be felt in all religious organizations. Especially those of the ecumenical movement must remove any who are actually agents and servants of Communist powers, which you have accepted and honored over these years.

K. C. Quek, Executive Secretary
Emanuel Nasir, Asian Ministries
Lynn Gray Gordon, President, TAM
Earle R. White, Faith Theological Seminary, Chairman of Missions
T. M. Linton, ICR
Carl McIntire, President ICCC
J. C. Maris, General Secretary
John Millheim, Associate Secretary

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