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ICCC President: WCC Says Jesus is Not the Only Way to Heaven

"The World Council of Churches has reached its climax in rejecting Jesus Christ because they say Jesus is not the only way to heaven" insists Dr. Carl McIntire, president of the International Council of Christian Churches in-his opening address to the 14th Congress of the Latin American Alliance of Christian Churches which meets in Santiago, Chile, February 10-15.

McIntire is particularly critical of Dr. Chung Hyun-Kyung, who was the opening keynote speaker at the Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches last year in 'Canberra, Australia, Kyung rejects the Christian faith and does not accept such doctrines as the virgin birth , deity and physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. The July/August Lutheran Women Today," featured "Jesus as Worker" by Dr. Chung HyunKyung Lutheran Woman Today, is published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church's Augsburg Press and "is developed by Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America." ELCA and most major Prot. estant churches in the U.S. are members of the WCC.

McIntire says in his opening address at the gathering in Santiago, Chile:

"There is no way that any Christian, anywhere in the world, can accept what the WCC is doing to the Christian religion and to our Saviour.

"First, at the meeting of their World Council on Missions and Evangelism, held in the United States in May, 1989, when the chairman, Eugene Stockwell, in his introductory address announced plainly that Jesus Christ was not the. only way of salvation. Jesus was, wrong when he said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.'

Second, when the WCC had its Seventh Assembly in Canberra, Australia, a year ago, February 8-20, again the pagan leaders from 14 of these religions were on hand as participants. They stood on the platform and told the World Council delegates that they all worship the same God. The Australian paper carried the head line, 'All faiths are one with God-WCC.' The story said, 'The World Council of Churches took ecumenism to its farthest limits at the weekend, suggesting Muslims, Hindus and others achieve salvation in the same way as Christians and warning the latter against "narrow" thinking.'

"Third, nothing was as offensive as a speech by a Korean theologian, Dr. Chung HyunKyung, who claimed the Holy Spirit was in their pagan ancestors. She said, 'The Hanridden spirits in our people's history have been agents through whom the Holy Spirit has spoken her compassion and wisdom for life. Without hearing the cries of these spirits we cannot hear the voice of the Holy spirit.' She added, 'I hope the presence of all our ancestors spirits here with us shall not make you uncomfortable.' One of the spirits she called up and talked to was Jesus Christ.

"After this the General Secretary of the World Council said that this simply 'broadened the understanding of the works of the Holy Spirit within the WCC.' He wrote in the April issue of their paper, ECUMENICAL REVIEW: 'Her speech was an exposition of new hope and dealt with the varied manifestations of the spirit both in the past and in the present.' Jesus repudiated all of this and said He had sent the Holy Spirit and would send Him to testify of Me and 'all that ever came before me were thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.'

"There is no way that any church body can be called Christian or even called a church that has accepted this blasphemy and rejection of the Christ of the Scriptures.

"Sitting in the assembly of Australia were the representatives of the churches of the Communist world, and though by that time it was clear that Communism had failed in Eastern Europe, all of their delegation from the Communist lands were sitting there. They were still the agents of the KGB who had been accepted and honored over the years. Even today none of them had left or been put out, and the ICCC's cleat stand against Communism, its atheism, its repression, has had an unmistakable vindication. Communism and Christianity have nothing in common, and so in these Latin lands the world has finally come to see that Castro in Cuba has been the agent of the most subversive and evil forces operating here in the 20th Century.

"There is still one more development with the WCC that finishes the matter. At the first meeting of their Central committee after Australia, which was held in their headquarters in Geneva, the name of the new world church of which all are to be a part including the Pope is, 'The Holy Catholic and Apostolic church.' The Commission on Faith and Order brought in its report and said that there were three things that had to be accomplished before the superchurch would be a reality. The .General Secretary, Emilio Castro, in his report spoke of 'the renewed sense of impatience to the unity of the church.' The WCC moderator in Geneva, headed his speech, 'Growing Together in the Ecumenical Vision.' He announced 'Rome and Geneva are not two centers of ecumenism. Rather, they are partners in the one ecumenical movement.' They called this 'ecumenical spirituality,' including the idolaters.

"The first of the three requirements for their world church was the creed. There would be no new one, but they would accept the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. Already the churches use them and they need nothing more than this. The second provision was for a one visible communion. This had been set forth in the Lima Document in 1982 on Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry. The General Secretary announced, as some seemed to catch their breath, 'we are at the point of solving it.'. Some spectacular announcement may come from the Pope and ecumenical leaders soon that they may have found their unity. The third requirement was called 'a common structure for decision making and, teaching authority.' This will of course include the Pope and everything will be put together before the year 2000 and all will be in it with none of the people from the churches having any say. But this name is one of their last massive deceptions. There is nothing holy about it, it has too many gospels, nothing catholic, for the Bible believing Protestants will have nothing to do with it and, finally, nothing, apostolic which any way maintains the faith of the apostles. Repeatedly they spoke of the ,richness of their diversity.'

"Beloved, we are living at the close of this dispensation of grace, the raising up of the ICCC and this Latin American Council of Christian Churches have been going forward for almost a half century. The unbelief that has established itself within these ecumenical churches has expanded its heresies and power, and the Fundamental churches which adhere faithfully' and strictly to the Bible have upon them the duties that Christ gave to His church. We do arise and repudiate this Satanic ministry of which Jesus said that the truth is not in him. The price of loyalty to Christ, suffering for His name's sake, is before us, and there are men who are unwilling to pay the price of separation in carrying the banner in the good fight of faith. It cannot be long; it could be today, brethren, that we will see Jesus in the most glorious resurrection which forever identifies us with Him.

'The ICCC summons all Bible believing Christians in these Latin countries to arise and come to terms with Christ. When men say that Christ is just one of the prophets and that He is not the Son of God, and now they are telling us that there is no virgin Mary and Christ was born in Nazareth, not Bethlehem, there is indeed no place for silence, compromise or surrender. Latin American, Jesus Christ still says He is the. same today, yesterday a I nd forever. Our churches are His and will be His until He gathers us about the throne of glory and we join all of us in singing 'Blessing and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever' (Rev. 5:13). Amen."

From a Spirit the Devil Gave to a False Christ He Produced - WCC 1991

What happened to Jesus Christ at the World Council Assembly in Canberra, Australia, February 7-20, 1991? The theme, "Come Holy Spirit, renew the whole creation," turned out to be a strange spirit and spirits found in the pagan religions. They did things that the Bible does not represent the Holy Spirit doing. They produced also another Jesus of an entirely different character, not even presently alive, from the one the church has always believed and adored. A satanic spirit or spirits has produced a satanic Jesus in the WCC.

This was seen in the opening keynote address delivered by a woman theologian from South Korea, Dr. Chung Hyun-Kyung. She prepared the way for the spirit by a dancing troop she brought, by taking off their shoes on WCC Holy Ground to "listen to the cries of creation and the cries of the Spirit within it." Eighteen times she summons the spirits of the dead, many of them, who in the past have suffered an d then she explained that "without hearing the cries of these spirits we cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. I hope the presence of all our ancestors spirits here with us shall not make you uncomfortable."

In the last of the 18 she summoned before the assembly and spoke to was "the spirit of the Liberator, our brother Jesus, tortured and killed on the cross." This introduced a dead Jesus and somehow she was able to summon these spirits of the dead, including "the spirit of Earth, Air and Water." Then all these spirits she addressed directly and she included "all our ancestors spirits."

This Christ who had ancestors did not come from the New Testament. This Christ whose spirit she was able to command was not the Christ who rose from the dead and is presently at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

She assigned Christ a place among all these spirits including "the spirit of the indigenous people of the earth, victims of genocide during the time of colonialism and the period of great Christian mission to the pagan world." She then tried to number Christ among these dead spirits. She said, "For me the image of the Holy Spirit comes from the Image of Kwan In. She is venerated -as Goddess of compassion and wisdom by East Asian women's popular religiosity."

Though she has made the Holy Spirit, a she and a her, - when she came to the conclusion she could not refrain from identifying Christ as a female when she said, "this, might also be a feminine image of the Christ who is the first -born among us, one who goes before and brings others with her?"

When this small Korean lady was chosen by the leaders to kick off the assembly they were fully aware that they were introducing the contextual theology of the third world as it cornea challenging the other theologies and the variety of them that has come through the years., She claims she was dangerous. She was indeed dangerous, for she expounded a kind of a spirit which the Bible knows nothing of except in Satan and his agents. Then she revealed a Christ which came from the same spirit by which Satan had been able to secure his services for his ends. Here was a bold direct and indirect attack upon the Christ that God sent to this earth and all in the WCC.

No effort was made to have her expelled or rebuked. Instead she engaged a date for an open dialogue and discussion of her views which the WCC arranged and featured for her ten days later on the 18th in the WCC. Here she was hailed by many as a great asset to the the Assembly and to the Church. She returned from that engagement considering herself vindicated and an agent of the spirit operating in the WCC. Re. porting this final impact of her presence and acceptance, WCC's Ecumenical Press Service said: "Chung described the new Third World theologies as 'the new paradigm, the new wine that you can't put in your wineskins," adding, "'yes we a are dangerous, but it is through such danger that the Holy Spirit can renew -the church."' She and her spirits and her Jesus made their impact In the discussion of her stirring of the assembly EPS added, "Other speakers urged greater openness to Chung and other new theologies, saying that the WCC represents a plurality of cultures and experiences and should accept a plurality of theological methodologies; the linking of gospel with culture is not only legitimate but essential, and has been the task of theologians of every time and place; it is time to move. away from rationalist theology to recognize that people, communities and cultures are essentially spiritual; notions of paganism are relative - which is the more pagan, the culture of the East, the West, the North or the South?; the Holy Spirit is not possessed by people or theologies but can be identified by its fruits and its witness to Jesus Christ."

The acceptance of her, when she should have been immediately expelled from any church. assembly, left stand the impact of her various blasphemies. She told the "church fathers and male theologians of privileged status who have exercised final authority and set the limits of the Holy Spirit. -Now, Third World countries are in a post-colonialist theological era, and 'I have the confidence to talk from my heart, without fear of intimidation.' " EPS goes on, "Referring to the Western and Orthodox traditions, she said theological language that is literal and analytical misses the point; it should be the-language of mystery, poetry and struggle; 'We have been listening to your intellectualism for 2000 years. . . . "Satan's mantle hung over the whole assembly with its darkness. When Chung arose on the platform and presented this list of dead people whom she summoned, including Jesus she then dismissed their spirits before all by burning the paper with their names and letting the smoke carry them away.

This kind. of Christ has no life to give anyone and He is not the one that the Great Confessions have testified to from the truth of the Scriptures.

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