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24 Elders Back D. McIntire in Bible Presbyterian Rift
From the Camden County (NJ) Courier-Post of May 3, 1956

Public support of the Rev. Dr. Carl McIntire was voiced today by 24 elders of the Bible Presbyterian Church following a meeting in Collingswood.

Their signed statement was issued as an aftermath of a vote of the church synod in St. Louis in early April to disassociate from the American Council of Christian Churches and the International Council of Christian Churches.

Dr. McIntire, pastor of the Collingswood church, is one of the principal founders of the Bible Presbyterian Church, past president of the ACCC and president of the ICCC.

The elders issued the following statement:

"Many false and erroneous statements have been made recently concerning the Bible Presbyterian Church of Collingswood and its beloved pastor, Dr. Carl McIntire. Inasmuch as some of these statements have appeared in the public press and have been given over the radio, the session of this church feels that it is proper to correct these misrepresentations and give the public the truth.

"I. The session, composed of 24 elders, together with a membership of more than 1600 members are, we believe, solidly back of Dr. McIntire as their pastor, and readily support him in -all of the activities of the American Council of Christian Churches and the International Council of Christian Churches. He has been president of the latter organization since 1948, and God has wrought wonders through this world-wide ministry.

"2. This church is a member of the ACCC and ICCC and is still officially connected with the Bible Presbyterian Synod. Neither this church, nor its pastor, has been "thrown out" of the Bible Presbyterian denomination. We be believe that far more than one-half of the 8000 members of the Bible Presbyterian 'denomination are in hearty sympathy with Dr. Me McIntire A small dissatisfied group -less than 4 percent- has left the local church and joined with Dr. J. Oliver Buswell Jr. in opposition position to Dr. McIntire. Since that time the Collingswood Church has received more new members than the number which left.

"3. Our church is being blessed under Dr. McIntire's ministry. He has been our pastor for 22 years We have a new Sunday School building, all paid for, and in the very near future will break ground for a new church building to bet ter accommodate the congregation Our recent financial canvas was the largest in the history of the church, amounting to more than $121,000. Half of the budge is given to missionary work. More money is being given for mission than ever before. "4. This church is entirely satisfied fled with Dr. McIntire's ministry as he has served under the guidance of our Lord. We truly believe that God has raised him up for such an hour as this to be courageous defender of the Word of God and a champion of our American freedom."

Those who signed the statement were listed as:

Weidner Titzck 550 Grant ave. West Collingswood; A. Donal Pidgeon, 124 Fern ave., Collingswood; George C. Eckert, 403 Cold Spring ave., Oaklyn; Robert T. Lore Sr., 121 Penn ave., Collingswood; Robert J. Myers, 242 E. Knight ave., Collingswood; Robert L. Boertzel 300 New Jersey ave., Collingswood; Lawrence L. Dimmick 1537 W. High St., Haddon Heights; Edward M. Faubell, 944 Oriental ave., Collingswood; R. S. Wigfield, Ill Linden ave., Collingswood; Clayton A. Bancroft, 425 Beechwood ave., Haddonfield; James I. Logue, 1111 Haddon ave., Collingswood; GIldon E. Kille, 1700 Maple ave., Haddon Heights; James S. Mattson, 229 Burrwood ave., Collingswood" Robert L. Isaacs, 427 Lees Ia., Collingswood; Robert E. Baker, 1450 Belleview ave., Camden; B. J. Bashaw, R.F.D. Marlkress Rd., Haddon. field; Robert P. Willits, Kresson Rd., Willowdale Farm, Haddonfield; Claud B. Annesley, 14 Ardmore ter., Collingswood; Ora W. Jordan, 501 Maple ave., Haddonfield; Clyde Monroe Blazer, 136B Summerfield ave., Collingswood; John D. Henry, 650 Maple ave., Collingswood; Walter F. Thompson, 636 Linwood ave., Collingswood Matthew N. Johnson, 803 Colford ave., Collingswood, and Frank J. Seider, 915 Stokes ave., Collingswood.

The session pointed out that last week the American Council of Christian Churches, at Ft. Worth, Texas, adopted a resolution, say. saying:

"The American Council of Christian Churches in session at Ft. Worth, Texas, April 27, goes on record as being most mindful and appreciative of the leadership God has given the Council, and with the way in which He has endowed those leaders with the necessary gifts, vision, guidance, wisdom and strength to serve the Lord acceptably in these perilous times of apostasy, compromise and constant attack.

"The American Council is particularly appreciative of the service and fidelity of Dr. Carl McIntire; his courageous stand; his faithful presentation of the Gospel; his editing of the Christian Beacon; his initiative in carrying the fight into the citadels of the foe 'throughout the world; including his recent leading a "'Truth Squad" to Australia, and the sponsoring of the Faith and Freedom Rallies soon to be held. in :he cities of. Philadelphia, New York Los Angeles, and Chicago.

"We therefore resolve that we commit our brother Carl McIntire to the grace, love, and protecting care of God; that we assure him of our constant prayers; that we give him every possible support and call upon the Lord's people everywhere to do the same, and zealously press the battle which the Lord has committed to the American Council of Christian Churches."

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