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Rev. McIntire is Dropped by N.J. Presbytery
From the Camden County (NJ) Courier-Post of May 14, 1957

The Rev. Dr. Carl McIntire, pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church, of Collingswood, has been dropped as a member of the New Jersey Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Churches.

At the same time, Dr. McIntire has established his own Presbytery with the same name, according to close associates. Both sides in the dispute, which has extended over the past two years, claim an "evenly-matched" membership and number of churches.

Pastors of both factions presented their views today to reporters, but several attempts to reach Dr. McIntire for comment were unsuccessful.

Dispute Over Presbytery

The Rev, Emanuel A. Peters, pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church, of Merchantville, a member of Dr. McIntire's new organization said "the whole matter is simply a dispute as to which is the official Presbytery."

One New Jersey Presbytery meeting, at which Dr. McIntire was dropped from membership was held Saturday at the Star Cross Bible Presbyterian Church, near Cross Keys, with about 21 delegates represented.

The second Presbytery meeting also was held Saturday; under the direction of Dr. McIntire, at Shelton College, Ringwood. No official attendance figures were available.

Star Group Seen Ahead

However, a count of churches claimed as members by both sides, indicates a balance in favor of the "Star Cross" group.

The Rev. Mr. Peters said churches affiliated with the McIntire group included the Bible Presbyterian Church, of Collingswood; the Merchantville church, and representation from the Barrington Bible Presbyterian Church and the Bible Presbyterian Church, of Audubon, as well as several pastors and elders connected with missionary services in various parts of the state.

The Rev. Jay Adams, pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church, of Haddonfield, who is closely associated with the "Star Cross" group, listed the following as members of the "regular" Presbytery.

Bible Presbyterian Churches in Haddonfield, Star Cross, Ventnor Seaside Heigths and Trenton, as well as representatives from other churches.

The Rev. Mr, Adams said that McGregor Scott, of 11 Maple Ia., Collingswood, a member of his church, was moderator of the New Jersey Presbytery which took its action against Dr. McIntire Saturday.

He added that the "Barrington Bible Presbyterian Church is on the fence, although then has joined with Dr. McIntire."

He stated that "there has been difficulty within the Presbytery for the last couple of years, and at one time Dr. McIntire was notified that he would face trial for his continuous agitation, both within his own organization and among outside groups."

He said that Dr. McIntire pulled out" of the New Jersey Presbytery in November, 1956, and called his own Synod meeting in Collingswood. The Rev. Mr. Adams described this Collingswood Synod as "illegal" under the form of church government the group has adopted.

The Rev. Mr. Adams said the "official" Synod meeting, held in December 1956 in Columbus, 0., voted to drop the names of the McIntire group from Synod rolls.

The motion at that time read, in part:

"All ministers who have joined the Synod held in Collingswood, have in fact joined 'another body.' Therefore, the 20th General Synod advises the Presbytery of New Jersey and all our other Presbyteries that the names of all ministers who did so join the Collingswood Synod should be erased in accordance with the rules of Our Book of Discipline."

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