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McIntire Plans Protest March
From the Camden Courier-Post of Saturday, July 5, 1969

CAPE MAY - Shelton College's fight to retain its degree granting privilege will be dramatized here tomorrow by college president Dr. Carl Mc McIntire of Collingswood.

He will preach on "The Crucifixion of a Christian College" at 11 a.m. in the Gardner Memorial Auditorium.

The college's right to grant degrees, which expired June 30 is being continued until a hearing on the matter in Trenton July 30.

March on Trenton

While the State Board of Higher Education is conducting the hearing, Dr. McIntire expects to be leading 10,000 supporters in a "Bible Believers March on Trenton."

The marchers, including students and alumni of Shelton College will carry their banners, he said, from the State House grounds to the Battle Monument several blocks away and back to the War Memorial Building, which the group has rented for the day.

"We also expect several congressmen to take part in the march, " he said.

Dr. McIntire, pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church in Collingswood, said he has promoted the college's cause on his network radio program.

Violations Charged

"The state has charged the college with 19 violations, most of them alleging that Shelton has failed to meet standards. The state also claims the Cape May college is in financial and administrative chaos.

"We have been abused and maligned," Dr. McIntire said. "The faculty has been misrepresented."

He said he considers his preaching tomorrow to be "a clergyman challenging the power of the state."

He said he considers his preaching tomorrow to e "a clergyman challenging the power of the state."

Shelton, which represents the fundamentalist Christian viewpoint, is the only such college in New Jersey.

Appear Planned

If the decision goes against the college, Dr. McIntire said, the fight will be taken to the State Superior Court.

He said when the 182-student college reopens Sept. 12, classes will be held in a new $1 million building housing a library, laboratories, classrooms and administrative offices.

In the meantime, the college president has opened an office at 162 W. State St., Trenton, across from the State House, to prepare for the July 30 march.

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