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Dr. McIntire's Followers
'Bible Believers' Plan July 30 March on Trenton

From the Philadelphia Inquirer of July 4, 1969
By Stephen M. Plogust
Inquirer Trenton Bureau

TRENTON, July 3 - Dr. Carl McIntire, president of Shelton College in Cape May, announced plans Thursday for a July 30 "Bible-Believers March on Trenton" by 10,000 supporters to protest the state's drive to close his school.

He also asked President Nixon to include the words "by the grace of God" on the plaque to be left on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Dr. McIntire made the request in a telegram to the President. He told newsmen it cost him $11.48, the most he ever spent on a single telegram.

The evangelist-teacher opened a new headquarter here Thursday across from the State House on the second floor of a converted row house.

His college is fighting for the right to continue granting a bachelor of arts degree in the face of 19 alleged violations cited by the State Board of Higher Education.

Without degree-granting powers, Dr. McIntire maintains, the college cannot survive, and a new $750,000 classroom building will be useless.

Dr. McIntire is an internationally known "fundamentalist" who advocates a literal interpretation of the Bible. He broadcasts his views regularly on the "20th Century Reformation Hour."

In announcing plans for the Trenton march against the "liberal-Democratic bureaucracy in Trenton," he said supporters will come from throughout the country, including many from North and South Carolina.

He also revealed plans for a fund-raising campaign "to get 1000 people to help create a financial undergirder" for the college and "intensive recruitment" to get at least 200 students enrolled by September.

Most of the charges against Shelton center on the college's alleged failure to meet standards.

The state also has accused Shelton of listing course in its catalog which are not offered to students, and claims that the school is in financial and administrative chaos.

These are similar to other state charges issued repeatedly since the college moved to New Jersey in 1954.

The date of the march coincides with the next scheduled hearing for Shelton before the State Board of Higher Education.

Dr. McIntire told a press conference that the board is "acting for political and religious reasons," and called Ralph A. Dungan, chancellor of higher education, and other board members "my enemies."

As for the 19 state charges he said, "Not one of them is valid, and we'll show you this when we get our day in court."

Dr. McIntire also criticized the state board for delaying the second hearing until July 30, branding as "unreasonable" the five-week lapse from the June 26 session. "The state is trying to smother us by making us wait," he charged.

In announcing the July 30 date last week, the state board said summer vacations and plans make it impossible to assemble witnesses, attorneys and board members earlier this month.

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