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Bible Church to Dedicate Sunday School
From the Weekly Retrospect (Collingswood, NJ) of September 9, 1951

Week's Program of Events Marking Opening Listed For Sept. 24 to Sept.' 30

The week of Sept. 24-30 has been designated as "Dedication Week" by the Bible Presbyterian Church of 'Collingswood to commemorate the opening of their new 'Sunday School building, which has just been completed at a cost of $208,850.

Monday night, Sept. 24, all of the officers and teachers of the Sunday School and officials of the church will attend a dinner in the new building situated at the corner of Haddon avenue and Cuthbert boulevard. Historical reports will be given by some of the older members of the Sunday School beginning with the first services of the school in 1903.

Tuesday night, the 25th, will be Community Night, when the public is cordially invited to make a tour of inspection of the new building. Refreshments will be served by members of the J. 0. T. Class.

Wednesday night will be Family Night. At this service, which will be held in the Tabernacle, arrangements are being made to have entire families sit together, not only those who are members of the Sunday School or ,church, but also those who have been members in the past and who may now live in other localities. This service will close with the "Hallelujah Chorus" from "The Messiah" by Handel, presented by the combined choirs of the church.

Thursday night will be Church, Night in the Tabernacle, when all Bible Presbyterian Churches in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area will be represented. Greetings will be ,extended by Rev. Elmer B. Smick, Ph.D., moderator of New Jersey Presbytery; Rev. Lynn Gray Gordon,, moderator of Philadelphia Presbytery, and Rev. Newton, C. Conant, New Jersey Council of Christian Churches.

Rev. J. Gordon Holdcroft, D.D., president -and general secretary of the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, will preach the sermon, entitled "Building in the Church of Christ."

Friday night the Dedication Service will be held in the Tabernacle, with the pastor of the church, Rev. Carl McIntire, D.D>, presiding The dedication address will be by Rev. John W. Sanderson, Jr., moderator of Bible Presbyterian Church. The keys to the new building will be presented by Mr. Matthew N. Johnson, chairman of the building committee, to Mr. Joseph Robb, president of the board of trustees of the church.,

Sunday, Sept. 30, the first session the Sunday school will be held in the new building at 9.45 a. m. Worship service at 11 a. m., with the sermon, "The Things Which Are Seen Are Tempered" by Dr. McIntire.

The evening service begins at 7.45, and the sermon by the -past-or will be "The Things Which Art Not Seen Axe Eternal." The senior choir will render the cantata, "Hymn of Praise" by Mendelssohn, under direction of Hyland W. Shepherd, director of music of the church, and who will have charge of the music every night.

The general superintendent of the Sunday School is Mr. McGregor Scott; Mr. Matthew N. Johnson is associate superintendent; and superintendent emeritus, Mr. Albert F. Miller. All of these and many other officials, including Rev. Charles E. Richter, assistant pastor, will take part in the various services during the week.

The new colonial style building -contains a total area of 15,580 sq. ft., and cost $208,850.

The total enrollment of the school is 947 and of the ;church 1645. The new equipment includes more than 1000 chairs and it is hoped that they will be filled on the opening Sunday, Sept. 30.

Dr. McIntire says that: "The completion of this Sunday School building is an important milestone in the history of our church, and the oldtime Gospel of Jesus Christ which will be taught in this building is the remedy for our present day ills and confusion."

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