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Marx of Christ in the Churches?
Prepared and Released by the American Council of Christian Churches

THE FORMIDABLE MENACE of the international conspiracy known as communism, bombarding the U.S.A. from within and without, does not constitute the chief threat to our freedom. The apathy and indifference of the average citizen is cause for deeper concern. Unless this lethargy ceases and is transformed into swift and effective counteraction, it is quite possible that the U.S.A., the last great bastion of freedom, will be engulfed in the red flood of totalitarian tyranny and atheistic barbarism which has swallowed up about 800 million people.

Communism seeks to operate where its influence will be the greatest and where its agents will enjoy freest activity with least danger of detection. The Church, and other religious organizations, are popularly regarded as the very embodiment of nobility, virtue and truth. Furthermore, leaders in other fields do not ordinarily wield so great an influence over the lives of the people as do religious leaders. Therefore, it should not be surprising when one discovers how severely our free institutions are under attack in religious circles; how Fabian Socialism, with the same ultimate goal as communism, is being lauded and recommended through religious literatures. The younger generation, at an alarming rate, is being seasoned to scrap free enterprise to discard as outmoded other bulwarks of freedom, and to join the ranks of those working to achieve some form of state socialism-all too frequently seen to be the vestibule to thorough-going communism.

Convinced that a thorough investigation of religious leaders was long overdue, the American Council of Christian Churches on May 8, 1953, in Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C., sponsored a Mass Meeting, for the purpose of petitioning the Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities to begin the investigation of clergymen having such affiliations as must make them suspect. It was the desire that these men be investigated, not as churchmen, but as any other citizens would be; to determine their loyalty or disloyalty to our country. Penalties equivalent to proved guilt would then be imposed by the courts of the land. The offense being against the State, only civil courts may legally act. The trial of such an offender could be no more within the jurisdiction of the Church than would be the trial of a clergyman accused of murder.

Approximately twenty-five thousand citizens of the U.S.A. signed a petition, requesting such investigation by the Congressional Committee on UnAmerican Activities. These scrolls of signatures were presented to Congressman Donald L. Jackson (R. Calif.) for that Committee at the May 8th meeting.

We are pleased to present here the text of Congressman Jackson's remarks and of the two major addresses delivered on that occasion:


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I can't tell you how much it means, to one who has been beaten over the head for so long, to see a few friendly faces, arid to feel a few warm and human expressions.

Since Karl Marx and Frederick Engels met together in a Paris attic in 1848, to draft what we now know to have been a blueprint for world domination, no segment of human society has been exempt from the attack. This attack has been launched against free men, against ethical precepts. against human dignity, yes, even against the concept of Divine Providence.

Free men. in this Nation, have built their free(Join upon the three keystones of the Church, the school and the press. Upon that solid foundation and through our national history, we have sought to build a new order of political relationshipssought to bring into being something finer in the way of a relationship between man and his God. and man and man, than has ever been known before in the history of the world.

The Communists realize that so long as there is a God. so long as men realize that beyond their limited capacity to understand, beyond their ability fully to comprehend there is Someone greater, Communism can never succeed and Communism cannot win the hearts of men. The Communists know that so long as there is true academic freedom. the ability to think straight and to teach honestly and sincerely in our schools, there can be no victory for the doctrine of Marxism.

So. it is quite natural that against those two bastions of American freedom, those two bastions which bulwark the dignity of man, there should have been made a concerted attack. That attack was launched many years ago, and it is folly of the highest order, ladies and gentlemen, to think that the Communists have not made inroads into both religion and education. This is an unfortunate fact. but it is a fact, which if faced up to, and resisted, can be turned to the advantage of human freedom and human dignity.

Fortunately there are not many Communists in the Church. There are not many Communists in that great institution of American education. But I say to you that one Communist in either is too many today; if for no other reason than the fact that a Communist recognizes no morality, no code of ethics, recognizes none of the ethical factors which set man apart from the beast. It is to my mind folly of the highest order that this Nation should combat with the force of arms abroad those who would strike at God and destroy human free. dom, while at home allowing them every measure of freedom to pursue their ends.

Communism is treason today, and should be stamped as such! The penalties which are inflicted on traitors should be brought to bear upon those who would sell out God and man under the guise of Marxist socialism.

Those of us who try to serve our God and our Nation, in the Congress of the United States, by combating this inexpressible evil which is known as Communism, take unprecedented abuse and villification. It is not an easy task. It is one of the most difficult tasks that has ever been assigned to men in this Republic. Never before in our national history have such hostile forces been so allied together, to bring abuse upon those who fight Communism; never before has assault upon patriots been so effective. Our enemies have joined ranks, they have placed their shoulders together and they are marching forward in a solid phalanx. The hour has arrived for Americans of all races, creeds and denominations, who believe that the Republic is worth saving, that faith in God is worth saving, that our moral concepts, our ethics, are worth preserving for our posterity, to bring to the battle the same measure of determination, the same measure of fanaticism as do those who oppose US.

That is why I say, ladies and gentlemen, and distinguished guests, as an individual member of the Congress (and, of course, I can only speak as an individual member) how heart-warming it is to have these scrolls of signatures, these petitions representing as they do the thousands of people who feel the way we do. There are many other thousands who have not had the opportunity to sign, but I know from the mail received in the House Committee on Un-American Activities, that for every one who blesses Communismfor every one who plays the game of the Communist through the Socialist concept, there are a hundred good, loyal, Americans who are standing with us. Thank you.


(The following is a digest of a notable address delivered on the above occasion by Dr. Robert T. Ketcham, National Representative, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, with offices in Chicago, Illinois.)

As we begin this discussion tonight, it will be well for us to be clear on definitions. Let us spend a moment defining the church. The church was placed here by our Lord for a very specific purpose. First, to witness to the truth of the Gospel. and second, to be the defender of the Truth of the Gospel. The Apostle Jude calls it "The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints."

Now, let us define that. The stream of historic Christianity has been marked by a variety of denominations holding minor differences and major agreements. By minor differences we mean those particular views which do not determine one's salvation. In that sense, and in that sense only, are they "minor". They relate to such things as the mode of baptism, the method of church government, and so forth. While there has been disagreement down through the centuries on these minor matters, there has, on the other hand. been universal agreement upon these things which Jude calls "The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints." All historic denominations have held through the centuries tenaciously to the doctrine of the eternality and Deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His sacrificial and substitutionary atonement, His bodily resurrection from the dead, His ascension into glory, the authority and inspiration of the Holy Bible. These are the Christian essentials, these are the fundamentals, and to deny or reject any one of them, is to deny and reject all of them. To deny the eternal Deity of Jesus Christ, is to reduce Him to something less than God, and make Him a created being. To deny the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, is to reduce Him to a mere human, and endow Him with a fallen nature like unto our own. To deny His substitutionary atonement, is to remove the only basis of salvation laid down in the Bible, namely that by the shedding of blood there is remission of sins. To deny His physical resurrection from the dead reduces His body to dust and eliminates His pres. ence in glory as our interceding High Priest. To deny the inspiration and authority of the Bible, is to reduce it to merely a human document, where one man's guess is as good as another, and Divine finality and authority no longer exist.

Now this body of salvation truth has been committed to the Church, and to no one or to no thing else. The world of sinners has been taught that the church of Jesus Christ alone has the message of salvation. Thus the church has endeared herself to the hearts of millions, and won for herself a place of confidence in their loyalties.

It was my church which gave to my parents ideals of life and love which made my home a place of strength and beauty before I was born.

It was my church which joined my parents in dedicating me to Christ, and threw around me a cloak of protection which I wore in helpless infancy.

It was my church which enriched my childhood with the romance of Christ, and the lessons of life, which have been woven into the very texture of my soul.

It was my church which heard the surge of my soul in the stress and storm of adolescence and guided my footsteps into paths of purity.

It was my church which taught me to chasten and make holy my affections, when first my heart knew the strange awakenings of love, and sanctified my marriage, and blessed my home.

It was the church which believed in me, and when my steps have slipped into sin she has called me back to live on the heights of victory with God.

It is my church, now that children have come, who are dearer than life itself. which is ready to help me train them for joyous and clean Christian living and Christian service.

It was my church which drew me to the Friend of all the weary and sorrowing, and whispered to me the hope of another morning when I thought the sun would never shine again.

It is my church which stands ready now to minister help and comfort to my loved ones, in the hour when it shall be mine to cross the Bar.

It is my church which now calls me to her heart, and asks me for my loyalty and my defense in this hour when she is being besieged by enemies from within.

Since the church stands as the very personifica. tion of truth and virtue, what better place for those who would destroy both truth and virtue to entrench themselves? Here, behind her sacred and trusted portals and ministering at her holy altars, what better hiding place for the enemy?

Both a Satanic modernism and destructive socialism have invaded our holy place, and, banking upon public confidence, are attempting to destroy both our church and our nation. That such a Godless modernism has invaded the church of Jesus Christ is evidenced in such deliverances as that from the pen of Professor Nels Ferre, who in one of his recent books declared that Jesus Christ could have been the son of Mary, fathered by a soldier in a German soldiers' camp nearby her home town; and that this German parentage of the Lord Jesus might account for the current idea in some quarters that Jesus was a blonde, rather than a brunette. The Apostle Jude declares that these invaders will be "filthy dreamers." Certainly no more filthy dream could ever be conceived than that which Dr. Nels Ferre suggests in his book.

That a Godless Socialism, and even a Godless Communism has invaded the church is evidenced in such cases as that of the Rev. Claude C. Williams of Detroit, who, in the 1952 Annual of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., on Page 643 is listed as a minister in good standing of that denomination. He was reported to have said, "Denominationally I am a Presbyterian, religiously a Unitarian, and politically, I am a Communist. I'm not preaching to make people good or anything of the sort. I'm in the church because I can reach people easier that way, and get them organized for Communism.'

The world was startled a few weeks ago when Mr. Herbert A. Philbrick gave his testimony before the House Committee as to his connections with Communism. He was an F.B.I. Agent, who joined the Communist Party and operated inside that Party for nearly seven years. Under oath this F.B.I. agent declared that at that moment there were five ministers in the City of Boston alone who were members, not only of the Communist Party, but were members of the particular ultrasecret cell to which Mr. Philbrick himself belonged. When asked by the Chairman of the Committee if these men were Communists before they were ministers, or ministers before they were Communists, Mr. Philbrick replied that they were Communists before they were ministers, and that on orders from Moscow, they enrolled in theological seminaries and equipped themselves with a theological knowledge in order to become ordained and implant themselves in Christian pulpits.

The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. and their socialistically-minded clique have invaded the church, and are now attempting to pull down the Iron Curtain of immunity.

Shall the church of Jesus Christ afford asylum for these Fifth-Columnists? Shall we allow them to use the very holy name and mission of the church, as the hiding place from investigation? The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America says "YES!" The American Council of Christian Churches says "NO!"

We do not ask the government to deal with our Nels Ferres, we will tend to that ourselves. But we do ask our government to deal with the Williamses and the rest., and so help us God, we will not invoke the doctrine of the separation of Church and State while they do it.

We hold the doctrine of the separation of Church and State dearer than life itself. We are tonight mindful of those martyrs of bygone years who, because they insisted on the doctrine of separation of Church and State were burned at the stake, or had their tongues pulled from their throats. In this matter of our insistence upon separation of Church and State, we are the guardians of a priceless heritage bought for us by our forefathers by the price of blood, but as dear as the doctrine is, we will not allow it to be used to cover the enemy while he destroys both Church and State.

The concluding address of this "Crusade against Communism in the Churches" here follows:


Address by Dr. Carl McIntire, President of International Council of Christian Churches and Pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church, Collingswood, N. J., in Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C., May 8, 1953

Text: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." -Isaiah 5:20

The Committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress has been attacked from pulpits across this land because the Committee's chairman dared suggest the possibility of investigating communists among the clergy. It is time now for churches to speak up in behalf of this Committee. What we shall say here tonight in the name of the American Council of Christian Churches, under whose auspices Ave meet, will find a resounding "Amen" in the hearts of millions of Christians in this land.

We are here because we love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the land in which we live, and the cause of freedom throughout the world. It has been the Bible our forefathers brought with them to this new world and which our fathers believed and preached that has given us our liberty and the favor of God. The Author of liberty has given us the Book of liberty. The issue confronting the Western world is the Christ of this Book versus the Marx of Moscow.

We are convinced that communism is a diabolical conspiracy for the destruction of human freedom and Christianity. Communism with its atheistic view of God and materialistic view of man is diametrically opposed, in all its parts, to the Christian concept of God and of man. The two worlds are irreconcilable. Communism cannot rest until it conquers the world.

The free world, and the United States of America in particular, faces the greatest single threat to its existence that we have ever known. The fight is for survival Every single concept which we hold dear and precious is challenged in the present world clash. There is no use deceiving ourselves, minimizing the struggle, or temporizing on the terror. If America goes down, the world faces a dark age, blacker than any in human history.

The extent of the conspiracy within our national life is only beginning to be recognized. Our people are largely indifferent and listless. We rejoice, therefore, in every effort that is being made by duly constituted Government committees to expose the infiltration of communists into our free institutions and to alert the land.

We now request the Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate the communists which have infiltrated the field of religion. It is a duty owed our citizens. More is being done to advance the communist cause under the guise of religion than in any other field.

It is our responsibility as Christians and as representatives of the churches, and in particular it is a mission of the American Council of Christian Churches, to take the lead on these issues.

The committees of Congress may expose communists, but those of us who are in the churches are responsible for the communist ideology which is being subtly and surely offered to condition us not merely for communist advances as they have come in the past, but for adjustment to an ultimate communist world. The Christians in China, Czechoslovakia Hungary, and other Iron Curtain countries have been persuaded in many instances that the communist order is not only not incompatible with Christianity but offers an opportunity for the accomplishment of its social goals. Error is being called truth!

There is a Communist Party Line in the field of religion. It is being preached in the United States of America. It is being preached by some deliberately and knowingly;by others innocently and ignorantly, simply thinking that it is Christianity.

I shall outline this Party Line from the Constitution of the Soviet Union. I have a copy in my hand. Chapter 1, Article 4, reads:

"The socialist system of economy and the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production firmly established as a result of the abolition of the capitalist system of economy, the abolition of private ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, constitute the economic foundation of the U.S.S.R."

According to this there is, first, the Party Line in the destruction of the capitalist system.


Within the churches the "abolition of the capitalist system of economy"' is being sought by the continual attacks upon its basic foundation principles in the name of "Divine judgment" and socalled "Justice." "Social justice," "Economic justice" are terms which are used to assail the capitalistic order as we know it in the United States. Here is an example:

I read from the Adult Student, March. 1946, official organ of the Methodist Church, from a lesson for March 31 entitled, "My Task Now":

"It is almost equally clear that a system in which the main motive of work is competition for selfish gain, regardless of public service rendered, is likewise less than Christian.

"This competitive individualism has already undergone drastic modification in all lands where it has existed. Indeed. an increasing number of informed observers is convinced that it is now impossible to return to the old ways or even to retain permanently what is left of capitalism." (1). 35)

This is the Party Line. I wonder if a Party member wrote it? Yes, it is the "system" which the communists are trying to destroy. Yet, under' this "system" our land, by the blessing of God, has become the most powerful, the richest., the freest, and the most benevolent on the face of the earth. Under this system, if we keep it, we shall continue to be free; and if we fear God, we shall be blessed.

Another slogan of this destructive line is seen in the constant reiteration in all kinds of religious pronouncements that the Christian religion, or the "Gospel," supports no particular economic system. Coupled with this invariably is the* contradiction that we must work to establish a "Christian system" which is called "the Kingdom of God."

In the reply which Bishop Oxnam gave to the Committee on Un-American Activities and its file concerning him, as it appeared in the Washington Post, April 5, 1953, and which is being widely circulated in Methodist circles, Oxnam gives expression to this Party Line emphasis. But since the good Bishop is vigorously affirming that he opposes good communism, this Line passes without notice.

But the Christian religion does lay down in the most specific manner the fundamental principles which undergird our free enterprise, capitalist order. The foundations of our free order are "in God" whom we trust. No one recognized this more than Marx, Lenin, and Engels. Here is the property system-the right of private property, the use of that private property, the protection of that private property by the State, and all guaranteed in the Christian faith by the great moral law, the Ten Commandments, one of which says, "Thou shalt not steal." This is the basic, primary reason why communism hates the Ten Commandments, the Goa who gave them, the Bible which reveals them, the state which honors them, and any church which champions them. The cry that human rights must be placed above property rights is another communist twist. for a property right is a human right! There is not one shred of support of any kind in the Bible for the communist economic system. Communism is a lie, a fraud. a hoax, a robber, a murderer, and a kingdom of Satan.

Communism advances its course by destroying confidence in the Bible as God's Word. Thus God's Law and authority are discredited that the new order built on other foundations may be established. For this reason we have charged that the new Bible, the Revised Standard Version, aids the communist cause. It is so full of conflicts and contradictions that it could not possibly be God"s Word-and when we see that 8 of the 32 translators have communist-front records, it is not an idle charge.

Second, there is the Communist Party Line in the building of the socialist system. The constitution of the Soviet Unions calls for establishing "the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man."

This Party Line emphasis is seen in the same article from The Adult Student. We are told "the man of faith" "will be concerned with creating an economic order in which all may share in the goods which all work to produce. With this principle in mind he will study through each problem as it arises and take his stand accordingly." So. it is a principle! It is a communist principle, and it is a new and different economic order from the one we have in the U.S.A. So here is revolutionary propaganda! This is the official Sunday school literature of Bishop Oxnam's church. If the Bishop is so opposed to communism, why has he not done something about this Marxism being taught to his own young people?

The Party Line at this particular point calls for the recognition of what is called the "half-truth" of communism. Of course these religious leaders denounce atheism, and are representing themselves as great crusaders against communism. But Dr. John C. Bennett, Professor of Christian Ethics in Union Theological Seminary, New York City, in his book, "Christianity and Communism," declares, "Communism inherits from the Biblical faith its passion for social justice . . . Christianity has no stake in the survival of capitalism." He then tells us, "There is, therefore, in Communism a deposit of Christian influence of great importance." John C. Bennett was the author of the World Council of Churches' pronouncement in 194") which declared that the free enterprise system "has been proved false." It would he most interesting to know if Dr. Bennett has ever been a member of the communist party. But whether he has or Dot, he has most faithfully promoted the communist Party Line in his writings.

When Bishop Oxnam met Congressman Donald L. Jackson, of California, on the American Forum of the Air, two weeks ago, he appealed to the document "SovietAmerican Relations," issued by the Federal Council of Churches, and declared that John Foster Dulles was associated with him on the, committee which drafted this document. But the Party Line runs through this document also. In spite of its denunciation of communism, we are told, "Communism as an economic program for social reconstruction has points of contact with the social message of Christianity, as in its avowed concern for the underprivileged and its insistence on racial equality." We categorically deny that the social message of Christianity has any point of contact with communism! It is a part of the "big lie" of communism that it has an avowed concern for the underprivileged. Communism makes slaves of all of its people. Its professed doctrine of racial equality is the doctrine of universal slavery. It is a part of the whole communist line that in order to stop communism we must adopt certain professed communist policies.

The Gospel Messenger, the official organ of the Church of the Brethren, for October 14, 1950, in its article, "Christ and Communism," points out what it calls "the things which give communism its strength have their counterparts in Christianity." These three are:

"It is a protest against the hardships of the underprivileged. Its slogan is 'From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.' But this idea is essentially Christian."

Next, we are told that Communism is inclusive. "Its ideal is a classless, world society. But this ideal is also Christian." May I say Christianity does nothing of the kind! The Bible recognizes a divergent society with many different classes and races, and it offers all eternal life in Christ.

Finally, it has "a purpose in history." "This faith," we are told, "gives many communists fanatical zeal. Christianity also believes history has a purpose. It is 'to unite all things in Him'-the realization of the kingdom of God." Here the goal of Marxism and the goal of Christianity are associated together by bringing God's spiritual kingdom down to Marx's material slave order!

But the slogan, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need," is the communist slave thesis. Yet Bishop Oxnam, himself, is an author of the letter of the World Council of Churches of February 1, 1951, which actually says that this thesis has its "roots in the teachings of Jesus." Think of it, the World Council of Churches has assumed the mission of persuading the Christian world that Jesus Christ gave validity to the Marxian Thesis! The communists are endeavoring to persuade the Christian Church that the ideological foundation of their movement is itself essentially Christian. We repudiate this. It is an attempt to call evil good, and good evil!

Following a meeting in which I was discussing this Marxian thesis, a farmer came to me and said that he practiced this thesis with his animals. He took, he said, from each according to their ability and gave to each according to their need. He took from his cow all the milk which she would give and fed her only the hay that she needed. He took from his horses all the labor that they would give, but returned to them only the necessities of their existence. His pigs he fed to fatten and took all they produced. and since they were dead they did not need anything. When he finished. he - said to me, "Now what is wrong with that?" I replied, "We are not pigs, horses or cows; we are human beings with eternal souls, responsible to God and not to a totalitarian State. The point is, we are free men, not animals and beasts."

Communism in the terminology that we have just described is being preached in pulpit after pulpit, Sunday after Sunday, and Christian men who believe in free America and our capitalistic system think that they are sweet sounding words coming from a very pious and scholarly preacher and they willingly pay the piper for this "creative thought.

We do not ask the Un-American Activities Committee to investigate this ideology. We call upon the Christian people of America to rise up and reject it, have nothing to do with it, neither give to it their money nor their presence. Such a church ceases to be the instrument of freedom and becomes the tool of the forthcoming tyrants.

The "kingdom of God" is perhaps the most debauched phrase of all Christian terminology. A glorious Christian concept is perverted, packed with Marxian propaganda, and preached in hundreds of parishes. The "kingdom of God" according to the, Bible is a spiritual order, not a social system or a social order. Jesus explained to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again." and "Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3.7. Entrance into this kingdom was by way of the miracle of the new birth. The true preaching of this kingdom is the preaching of the gospel of salvation, of regeneration. and of eternal life. The communists have made this kingdom the material, social order of Marx.

The Christian faith places upon each one of us a grave responsibility in our relationship to our, neighbor and our dealing justly with all men. The Christian is the salt of the earth. Christian truths support freedom, stewardship, benevolence, industry try, thrift, and character. Never can they be stretched or twisted to support a phony aprocryphal earthly kingdom.

In twisting Christian terminology, the Communist Part Line is attacking the Bible from another angle. First, as we pointed out, it would destroy the au. thority of the Book and the confidence of people in its trustworthiness. But, second, it would take the terminology of the Book and use it to induce people to accept slavery, or to be soft in their attitude toward the program of communism.

The religious spokesmen of communism in China have been preaching the "kingdom of God," and many think they are now seeing it established. No greater champion of this "Kingdom of God" as a social system has America found than Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam and Methodist Missionary E. Stanley Jones. Jones calls it "Christian" and so does Oxnam. And Jones, in his book, "The Choice Before Us," actually uses the same terminology of the Constitution of the Soviet Union. "The Kingdom.Ave are told by Jones, "in a material life would be. a fundamental justice to every man apart from class and race and birth: a holding of a means of production by all in behalf of all; a brotherhood that would make life a family instead of a feud."

The last phrase in this Soviet Constitution's description speaks of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. It is just as this point that America is in as great a danger of being deceived as any place else. No man can work for another man-we must all work for each other as brothers -comrades. The phrase is "the brotherhood of man." The Bible commands, "love the brotherhood,' but it clearly means those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. The Bible divides all mankind into two groups, the saved and the lost. Those who are going to Heaven, and those who are bound for Hell. But communism offers itself as "the brotherhood of man society," and this Sunday school quarterly from which I have quoted says, "I must think long and earnestly of the meaning of human brotherhood in economics and before the law." No single slogan is being popularized today as is "the brotherhood of man." It is a part of the general conditioning process of the American mind for the coming generation to accept this "brotherhood society," where each contributes according to his ability and receives only according to his need.

Thousands of American people are, acclaiming the slogan. Even politicians, when they would make a brief excursion into the religious field, will hold forth on the wonders of "the brotherhood of man," without realizing that the idea itself is essentially communistic. It was not taught by Christ, and it is not a part of the heritage or the background of the United States of America. It is our earnest petition that the President of the United States will not be a part of the so-called "brotherhood week" emphasis of the National Council of Christians and Jews, a program which has been developed in the last ten years and is finding acceptance without critical consideration of what is involved.

The thought of being a good neighbor, of being kind to those about us and helpful to all, is truly a Christian idea but "the brotherhood of man" is not Christian, but communist.

We challenge anyone to read his Bible, to study the words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and notice this clear and unmistakable emphasis that in order to become a son of God it is necessary, first, to receive Christ. "He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name," John 1:11-12.

The communist-front apparatus which the Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities has exposed has been of invaluable service to the country and also to the churches. I want, tonight, to associate myself publicly with the statement of Congressman Donald L. Jackson on the floor of the House of Representatives on March 17th, when he said concerning Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, that he "served God on Sunday and the communist front for the balance of the week . . . " Bishop Oxnam's modernistic and socialistic views and his ideas concerning sin, and the fact that he has called the God of the Old Testament a "dirty bully,' 'raises- a further question in my mind beyond that of Congressman Jackson concerning whether Bishop Oxnam is serving the God of the Bible on Sunday or not. The gospel and the program he offers is certainly different from the one that John Wesley preached. Yet the message Wesley preached is the one the country desperately needs tonight. May I say to Bishop Oxnam, you can meet with Congressman Jackson and attack the Committee on Un-American Activities for its methods, but when you get into the religious field, as you did with Congressman Jackson. you ought to be willing to face a man in the religious field who is familiar and acquainted with the issues within the church and can meet you on that basis. Let us not try to make it appear that the Committee -is attacking or investigating the churches.

I hold in my hand the Crossroads, the official Sunday school publication for January-March 1953, of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Three of the featured writers in this publication are members of communistfront organizations. There is Georgia Harkness, a member of the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion; Carey McWilliams, and Nels F. S. Ferre. Ferre, whom Dr. Robert T. Ketcham has mentioned in his address just before me, is the author of the book, "Christianity and Society," 1950, published by Harper & Brothers, and he says, "If Marxism should conquer the whole world, this might be merely the prelude in economic arrangement to the blossoming forth within it of the deeply sowed seeds of Christian faith and expectation." (p. 239). It is a part of the Party Line to use the communist-fronters in the Sunday school literature and commend them to the church as spiritual leaders, a further shield for their communist-front mischief. How many of the two million members of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. are aware of the fact that they are studying on Sunday the propaganda of communist-fronters! I speak in all respect of our great President, but when he confessed his faith in our Lord and united with this denomination, we are sure that he was unaware of the fact that the church was using communist-fronters in its Sunday school literature that very day. The Christian people of our country do not know how the church is being used.

I cannot leave this message without pointing out that it is a part of the Party Line propaganda to convince the church members of America that' "liberty" involves the permitting of the preaching of various gospels and Marxian propaganda from Christian pulpits. Oxnam especially champions this concept.

The historic concept of the Church of Christ is that every pulpit preaches the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Scriptures and maintains the doctrines and the dogmas believed by that church and summarized in its creed. The glorious concept of religious liberty in our land is that people are free to associate themselves as they believe and to maintain churches and institutions committed to what they believe. The idea that the church is a forum where many opinions and viewpoints are preached from its pulpits is not a Christian idea. It is a part of the conditioning process of the communist apparatus to destroy both the church and America, and to permit the church to become an instrument of subversion instead of the glorious testimony to Christ, the church's only Head. It is this concept. I must say, of the purity of the gospel and the purity of the church which is being violated in the present day apostasy. and which has brought upon us the confusion and weakness of the hour. If the churches of the land were preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, offering to men the Scriptures as the Word of God, and defending the faith., the whole social and poli. tical life of our nation, as of this hour. would be of a different tone and on a different level.


In petitioning the Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate communists in the field of religion, it becomes our responsibility to make certain specific requests of the Committee and of our Congress. We propose, therefore. the following:

First, there has arisen in the church field in recent years, paralleling particularly the communist-fronts in the secular world, what is known as the Social Action groups. They are in the Presbyterian, Episcopal. Methodist, Baptist. Congregational. Christian, Lutheran. and other Protestant churches. These include such organizations as, The Council for Social Action of the Congregational Christian Churches.

The Commission on Christian Social Action of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.

The Methodist Federation for Social Action.

The Council of Christian Social Progress of the American Baptist Convention.

We recommend that top leaders of these groups be called, led, put under oath. and questioned. These bodies have been promoting directly. indirectly. in various ways, the Party Line. Their literature. bulletins. and pronouncements underscore this fact. act. Let us expose the communist,, that are working in these groups.

Second. simply as a beginning, we suggest that the following individuals. known as clergymen. be called. placed under oath and questioned:

1. Dr. Harry F. Ward. Dr. Ward has been identified by Louis Budenz before the Senate In., Internal Security Committee as a member of the Com-. Communist Party. He helped draft the Social Creed of the Churches. It is the creed that has been incorporated in actions and books of discipline of many churches! Dr. Ward has been Professor of Christian Ethics of Union Theological Seminary in New York City for many years. He served in the top circles of the Federal Council of Churches for years.

2. Dr. John C. Bennett. Dr. Bennett is the suc. cessor of Harry F. Ward in the Chair of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. He has followed consistently the same Party Line propaganda and is now a Co-Chairman of-the Department of the World Council of Churches on "A Responsible Society," which is preparing propaganda for the 1954 World Council Assembly in Evanston, 111.

3. Dryden L. Phelps. Dr. Phelps has been an American Baptist missionary in China, who has declared, "God is working alongside of these communists."

4. Liston Pope. Dr. Pope, Dean of Yale Divinity School. has followed the Communist Party Line and has been active in the writing of church resolutions promoting this line.

5. W. Russell Bowie. Dr. Bowie, professor in Union Theological Seminary, New York, is identified with at least 15 communist-front organizations and is one of the translators of the new Bible.

6. J. Henry Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter, secretary of the Brooklyn Federation of Churches. has written favorably of the communist regime and rejects our capitalistic society.

7. Francis J. McConnell (deceased since the delivery of this message). Bishop McConnell has been identified with numerous communist-front organizations, is a former president of the Federal Council of Churches, a - -lose associate of Harry F. Ward, and a predecessor of Bishop Oxnam.

8. J. Howard Melish. Dr. Melish is former rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn, and a follower of the Party Line.

9. Edward McNeill Poteat. Dr. Poteat is former president of the Colgate Rochester Divinity School, and is identified with numerous communist-front organizations.

10. William B. Spofford. Dr. Spofford is a prolific writer and has been identified with numerous communist-front organizations. He is Executive Secretary of the Church League for Industrial Democracy.

11. Channing Tobias. Dr. Tobias, a representative of the United States in the United Nations. has been actively associated with communist-front organizations and is a leader among the subversive clergy.

12. Winifred Chappell. Dr. Chappell has been an official in the Methodist Federation for Social Action.

13. James C. Baker. Bishop Baker of California has been a leader in the Methodist Federation for Social Action and was one of the three delegates of the Federal Council of Churches consulting in the formation of the United Nations.

14. Henry Hitt Crane. Dr. Crane of Detroit has been identified with numerous communist-front organizations and has been most active in defending communist causes.

15. Arnold S. Nash. Dr. Nash is chairman of the Department of Religion at the University of North Carolina. His recent book, Protestant Thought in the Twentieth Century, heralding the end of the Protestant era, follows the Communist Party Line.

16. T. T. Brumbaugh. Dr. Brumbaugh, a mission secretary of the Methodist Church, has actively promoted the cause of Red China in the Far East, and has revealed sympathy for the communist cause.

17. Guy Emery Shipler. Dr. Shipler, editor of The Churchman, is an Episcopalian with a long communist-front record.

18. John Paul Jones. Dr. Jones is minister of the Union Presbyterian Church of Bay Ridge, and is identified with communist organizations. He recently declined to tell his congregation whether he was a member of the Communist Party or not.

19. E. Stanley Jones. Dr. Jones has done as much as any living man, in his writings and speeches, to attack the capitalistic order and promote the communist's new kingdom. He needs to be questioned concerning communist affiliations.

20. Jerome Davis. Dr. Davis is the author of the book which Bishop Oxnam sent to all Methodist preachers, which praises the Soviet system and argues that it contains Christian elements which need to be recognized by all.

21. Benjamin E. Mays. Dr. Mays is a leader of the National Baptist Convention and president of Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga. He has been a leader of the subversive Civil Rights Congress.

22. W. J. Walls. Bishop Walls is a leader in the African Methodist Episcopalian Zion Church and a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches. He has been a leader in numerous radical causes.

23. Carl Herman Voss. Dr. Voss of New York, is another of these men who has been active in so many radical causes.

24. Edward L. Parsons. Bishop Parsons of the Episcopal Church, San Francisco, Calif., has been a leader of the social gospel program.

25. And, finally, G. Bromley Oxnam. It is a fact that Alger Hiss, exposed by the Committee on Un-American Activities, for which the country owes an undying debt of gratitude, was active in top circles of the Federal Council of Churches, participated in conferences, and was chairman of one of its important committees drafting resolutions. He worked in close association with Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam and John Foster Dulles. We would like to find out from Bishop Oxnam if Alger Hiss had a hand in providing background material from the State Department and in drafting or writing the pronouncement on Soviet-American Relations, and any other of the important Federal Council documents during that period.

We have named these men. There are many others. And let any storm of criticism for doing so fall upon the churches and not upon the Committee on Un-American Activities. The Church of Jesus Christ is specifically commissioned in the Scriptures to name the offenders against her and against the truth of God.

The churches in the United States are facing the communist hordes, the communist treachery, the communist debauchery. with their armor pierced, their guard down, and their defenses weakened. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ as presented in the Scripture is as terrible as an army with banners. She heralds the truth of the living God. She proclaims His terrible judgment against human Sin--sin of all kinds, selfishness, greed, exploitation, and hatred. And she holds before men the glorious declaration that it is the will of Christ that men should be saved, should love one another be kind to one another, forgive one another' America needs this Christ. She needs to hear the Word of this Christ. She should bow down and worship this Christ. And it is in the name of this Christ that we cry out tonight in behalf of human freedom, the purity of the church, and the preserva. tion of our land. May God be merciful to us and quicken us for the conflict at band.

The following seven-point resolution was unanimously adopted at the Mass Meeting in Constitution Hall on May 8, 1953, Washington, D. C.


BE IT RESOLVED: That we who are gathered in Constitution Hall the evening of May 8, 1953, on the occasion of the CHRISTIAN CRUSADE AGAINST COMMUNISM IN THE CHURCHES, do go on record:

1. As approving and urging the proposed investigation by the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities of the "Reds in the Churches."

2. As declaring that the Reds and fellow-travelers in the Churches are to be numbered among the most dangerous enemies confronting the Church and the Nation: and that simply because they are hiding behind a cloak of religion should not continue to provide for them a privileged sanctuary in which they may enjoy immunity from investigation and censure.

3. As believing that Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam should not be permitted any longer to evade a hearing before the Un-American Activities Committee; but that, if necessary, he should be subpoenaed.

4. As persuaded that the Church and the Nation will never be safe until the Reds operating from within the Church are exposed and removed from positions of leadership and influence. Sufficient proof of guilt, if widely publicized, will assure the rejection by the people of such unworthy leaders.

5. As commending the public expression of the American Council of Christian Churches at the Council's Spring Convention last week, "We do not know of any of our constituents who are in the above classification (namely, Reds), but if such men exist in our ranks we want them thoroughly investigated, and assure the House Committee of every assistance to this end."

6. As heartily commending the House Committee on Un-American Activities for all it has done to protect our nation from Communists and others' who would destroy our Christian heritage, and our form of government, and who would thereby deprive us of all our cherished liberties.

7. As hereby calling upon Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Bishop of the Methodist area in Washington, D.C., to meet in public discussion on the subject of the infiltration of communists and Marxian ideology into Christian churches, Dr. Carl McIntire, president of the International Council of Christian Churches. We request this meeting in the interests both of the churches and of the country.

J. EDGAR HOOVER, DIRECTOR of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has reported that there are some fifty thousand communists and five hundred thousand fellow-travelers in our nation. When one remembers that it required only sixty-five thousand communists to accomplishment the enslavement of the immense population of Russia, this should be sufficient cause for deepest concern on the part of every patriot in our country.

Herbert A. Philbrick in his volume, "I Led Three Lives," tells how. as an undercover Fill agent, lie worked for nine years in communist circles in the U.S.A. In this notable volume, lie shows bow communists have infiltrated the press, the church, and the schools. He offers such revelations as are positively startling. Mr. Philbrick's testimony, endorsed by J. Edgar Hoover, played an important part in the conviction of the eleven top communist spies and party members who received jail sentences.

The evidence which one can procure concerning the activities and left-wing associations of Dr. Harry F. Ward, the Rev. Jack R. McMichael, the Rev. Claude C. Williams and Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam should convince any person willing to be convinced that there are men reputed to be "ministers of the gospel" whose principal concern seems to be tile promotion of its mortal foe, "the gospel according to Marx." Oxnam's hearing before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on Tuesday, July 21, 1953, as reported by much of the public press, was slanted in the Bishop's favor, and against the Congressional Committee and the people of the United States. Let any fair-minded person read the complete text of that 10-hour session, as reported by United States News in the August 7, 1953 issue, and he will see that the Bishop should be eternally discredited as a leader worthy of the people's confidence.

The Bishop was never charged with being a member of the Communist Party, but as one who has for years aided communism in the U.S.A. by his associations and activities. Though probably no one believes that he has been on salary from the Kremlin, the hearing showed conclusively that Oxnam's services have been sufficiently helpful that he merits handsome returns from the Soviets who know they must conquer the U.S.A. to achieve world-domination! If the Soviets can make prominent clergymen their mouthpiece (whether as conscious traitors or blundering dupes), what care the communists! If they can do this, they know they are far along on the road to ultimate triumph! Can any sane patriot question this conclusion?

The information contained in this literature item should be considered by every patriotic citizen of our country. Order a supply today for your congregation, your Sunday school class, the members of your club, or for the employees in your organization We thoroughly agree with the sentiment of President Abraham Lincoln who said, "If this country is ever destroyed. it will not be from without, but from within."

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